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Fungo & Friends



Born: 2004

Favorite Food: Hot Dogs

Bio: Fungo, the popular Fisher Cats mascot was born in the woodlands of New Hampshire. He grew up as a "kit", or baby Fisher, and he enjoyed playing with Fisher Price toys.

His favorite candy is Swedish Fish. He used to spend a lot of time in Burlington, Vt., listening to his favorite band Phish perform live in concert at Nectar's. His favorite video rentals are "The Fisher King" starring Robin Williams, "A Fish Called Wanda" starring Jamie Lee Curtis, and "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh" starring Dr. J.

While his main diet consists of hamburgers, hot dogs, and cracker jacks, he enjoys fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee. As the founder of the Fisher Cats' "Kids Club", he hopes to promote wildlife education, sportsmanship, good manners, and the card game "Go-Fish".


Born: 2007

Favorite Food: Popcorn & Sno-Cones

Bio: Slider is Fungo's favorite cousin. He is originally from Dunedin, Fla., but had to come to New Hampshire when he heard about how much fun Fungo was having. He loves his new home and has fun attending community events throughout New Hampshire and games at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. More than anything else, Slider loves the Fisher Cats!

Slider is young and athletic-so as New Hampshire's winter nears its end and the weather begins to warm, Slider gets excited because he knows the season is near! His main goal at games? Adding excitement and energy to each Fisher Cats' home game. His trademark moves? Flexing his muscles, giving high-fives, and showing off his athleticism.
Ram Of War

Occupation: Tug-of-War Champion

Bio: The bad boy of the Fisher Cats mascots, Ram of War is the biggest, baddest Tug-of-War Champion to ever grace Northeast Delta Dental Stadium and he's not afraid to show it. Known to take on four or five competitors at the same time, Ram of War has never lost a Tug-of-War battle.

Many have challenged him for the crown, but none have prevailed... Do you think you've got what it takes?
Tooth Fairy and Molley the Molar

Bio: Meet the Fisher Cats Tooth Fairy. It's not every day that you can watch a baseball game and see some magic, but at a Fisher Cats game it's possible to see the bases on the field, and teeth in the stands, receiving a sparkling makeover by the Tooth Fairy and her lovely assistant, Molly the Molar.

They share the daily task of using the giant toothbrush, and they make sure all the bases are clean as can be. When she's not at a game, the Tooth Fairy enjoys flying all around the world and bringing joy to each child when he or she loses a tooth.

The Fisher Cats Tooth Fairy arrived a few years ago. After flying over the stadium during late August, the end of the season, she noticed that the bases were dirty-covered in late-inning dust! She and Molly decided to move to Manchester right away to start "cleaning up" the team's pearly whites! At each game, the Tooth Fairy recruits a "lovely assistant" to help her and Molly shine the bases in time for the game! The best part? Meeting new children!

Rah-Lee Llama

Bio: Rah-Lee was born in 2009 and made the trip to New Hampshire all the way from Lhasa, Tibet. He is a whopping 8'5'' but is as light as air. Rah-Lee, or "His Roliness" as some people call him, loves rallying for the Fisher Cats!