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2010 Audio Highlights

Scroll down for rewinds and interviews from Burlington Royals games of the 2010 season. And make sure to check out the season rewind directly below:

Royals Rewind 2010

September 2 at Johnson City (Playoffs)

Michael Liberto Interview, September 2

Nelson Liriano Interview, September 2

A Chat with President Lee Landers

September 1 v. Johnson City (Playoffs)

Ryan Stovall Interview, September 1

Nelson Liriano Interview, September 1

Three Straight One-Run Wins

August 31 at Danville

Bottom of the 9th, August 30th

August 30 at Danville

August 29 vs. Danville

August 28 vs. Danville

August 27 at Kingsport

August 26 at Kingsport

August 25 at Kingsport

August 24 at Pulaski

August 23 at Pulaski

August 22 at Pulaski

August 21 vs. Kingsport

August 20 vs. Kingsport

August 19 vs. Kingsport

August 17 vs. Danville

August 16 at Danville

August 15 at Danville

August 14 v. Bristol

August 13 v. Bristol

August 12 v. Bristol

August 11 at Johnson City

August 10 at Johnson City

August 9 at Johnson City

August 8 v. Danville

August 7 v. Pulaski

August 6 v. Pulaski (DH)

August 3 at Bristol

August 2 at Bristol

August 1 at Bristol

July 31 v. Bluefield

July 30 v. Bluefield

July 29 v. Bluefield

July 28 v. Johnson City

July 27 v. Johnson City

July 26 v. Johnson City

July 25 at Elizabethton

July 24 at Elizabethton

July 23 at Elizabethton

July 21 v. Princeton

Full Bottom of 13th, July 21 (Howard walk-off HR)

July 20 v. Princeton

July 19 at Princeton

July 18 at Princeton

July 17 at Princeton

July 16 at Greeneville

July 15 at Greeneville

July 14 at Greeneville

July 12 vs. Princeton

July 11 vs. Princeton

July 10 vs. Princeton

July 9 at Danville

July 8 at Danville

July 7 at Danville

July 6 vs. Elizabethton

July 5 vs. Elizabethton

July 4 vs. Elizabethton

July 2 at Bluefield

July 1 at Bluefield

June 30 v. Bluefield

June 29 v. Bluefield

June 28 v. Bluefield

June 27 at Pulaski

June 26 at Pulaski

June 25 at Pulaski

June 24 v. Greeneville

June 23 v. Greeneville

June 20 v. Kernersville (exhibition game)