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Homer & Player Appearances

Mascot & Player Appearance


Homer was born in a local firehouse in August 2007. Homer was destined to be a star. After watching his favorite movie Firehouse Dog, he knew he was born to entertain. The Peoria Chiefs became fans of his antics at the firehouse after receiving an "Anonymous" audition tape in the mail. The Chiefs reached out to the firehouse and adopted Homer as their new mascot in 2010 and the rest is history!

You can see Homer at every Chiefs game all summer long. Entertaining fans, taking pictures, acting on field, and spending time with the players.


Height: 7 Foot 3 Inches

Weight: Not important

Born: August 2007

Bats: Otherwise known as Chew Toys

Throws: The ball

HR: That's my name

Appearance Form & Policy

All mascot and player appearance requests must be submitted using the Request Form below.

All mascot & player appearance requests must be submitted using the Community Relations Department for more information.


Request Timeline
All requests should be received at least four (4) weeks prior to the event. Requests will be responded to in five (5) to seven (7) business days. Submitting a request does not guarantee an appearance.

In the event that an appearance must be cancelled, the community relations department must be given three (3) days prior notice.

Mascots are available for appearances throughout the year however the summer months may be harder to fulfill an appearance request due to season.

Appearance Fees
Appearance fees vary based on the type of appearance and limited to a 25 mile radius from Dozer Park.

Non-profit Organizations and events will be considered donations on case by case basis for no charge.

External appearances are $50 per hour.

Pricing for appearances outside Dozer Park radius will be determined on a case by case basis.

If you feel your event qualifies as a non-profit event, submit your form for consideration. This does not gauruntee the event fee will be waived.

Mileage and Parking Fees
Appearances out-of-area, defined as 25+ miles from Dozer Park, will require the requester to pay the Peoria Chiefs mileage rate of 50¢ per mile directly to the mascot making the appearance.

Reimbursement for incurred parking fees is also the responsibility of the requestor. Any mileage fees and/or parking reimbursement are required at time of event and are to be paid directly to the mascot in cash/check.

Additional Appearance Requirements
Accurate directions, location, on-site contact and on-site phone number must be provided.

A private and secure changing room must be provided for the mascot to change.

The mascot cannot be required to be inside the suit for longer than a maximum of one hour at a time before taking a break. If the appearance is outdoors please allow extra breaks during that allotted time. The mascot is unable to perform in severe weather.

A friendly and safe environment must be maintained. Mascots reserve the right to walk away from any appearance deemed unsafe or harmful and refunds (if applicable) will not be granted.

Publicity/Marketing Restrictions
All publicity for the event, whether in advance or afterwards, which mentions an appearance by a mascot or uses organizational marks (logos), must be approved by the Peoria Chiefs before use. For approval please contact

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