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School Programs

The River Cats partner with schools of all ages from around Northern California. Check the options below and get your class out for a Raley Field Tour, baseball game, or to sing our National Anthem. Can't come to us? We'll come to you with one of our Triple-A assemblies or enter to be a part of our 2015 "Art of Baseball" Calendar.

AAA School Days
Triple-A Assemblies
Homerun Tours
Fundraising & National Anthem Opportunities
"Art of Baseball" Calendar


photoThe AAA School Program provides more than 10,000 students annually with the opportunity to learn the importance of Attitude, Attendance, and Academics, and being a Person of Character. This award-winning program reinforces the educational goals your school already has in place, while teaching the students in a fun, interactive, and exclusive learning environment -- Raley Field! River Cats players and coaches host a question/answer session and individual students are recognized.

Click here to download more information (PDF).

Contact Eddie Eixenberger at or 916.376.4873 to schedule yours today.

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Team up with the River Cats for an educational-based program designed to challenge students to learn and excel in school. Participating schools receive a 30 minute presentation to motivate and inspire students to make good choices. The assemblies also feature a message on the importance of Attitude, attendance and academics, anti-bullying awareness and character education. This is all at zero cost and is available year-round.

For more information, contact Mike on the Mic at or 916.376.4957

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photoThis unique two-hour program is available year-round and is much more than just a tour of the ballpark. The trip to Raley Field is perfect for a school field trip, as students will learn about the history of baseball, construction of the ballpark, career opportunities, and more. Tours can be customized to fit the needs of specific curriculum. More than 5,000 students, teachers and parents go on Home Run Tours each year.

For more information, contact Eddie Eixenberger at at 916.376.4873.

Click here for more information (PDF).




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The River Cats are working with schools large and small to assist them in hosting fun-family nights for their school. Discounted pricing and Fundraising available! Check back for information on the 2015 season!

Please contact us if you have a school band or choir who may be interested in performing the National Anthem during one of these nights. Very limited availability.

For more information, contact Eddie Eixenberger at at 916.376.4873.

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photoThis annual art program was created for students who wish to have their creative art talents displayed in the annual River Cats calendar. The team will celebrate local student artists with a special Art Day at Raley Field.

For more information, contact Mike at

Check back for entry information for the 2015 calendar.

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