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Bellwether Community Champion


BCCU Community Champion
Who is a Bellwether Community Champion?
The Bellwether Community Champion program was launched in 2011. Since that time dozens of individuals have been recognized for their contributions. These Champions represent a true cross-section of New Hampshire. We have had the privilege of recognizing the efforts of young children, teens, teachers, business people, and parents who have stepped outside of their everyday lives to take action, go the extra mile and do the unexpected to make a difference in our community.

Some examples of Champions are:
· A seven-year old giving back to the hospital that treated him as an infant, through collection of toys and raising funds at yard sales is a Champion for his community.
· A teen founding an organization to educate her community about domestic abuse and bullying is a Champion for her community.
· A teacher saving a student from drowning is a Champion.
· A volunteer at a local charity who finds ways to expand that charity's impact and develop new ways to reach people in need is a Champion.

Simply, a Champion is a person who has made a difference in our community. Champions come in all shapes and sizes and make an impact in many different ways but all have one thing in common. They've stepped outside themselves and helped make a positive difference to someone around them. If you know of someone who has done something beyond the expected to help others, please complete a nomination form and let us know!
Nomination Process
Do you know someone who has displayed a unique commitment to society? Nominate them here by downloading the Bellwether Community Champion Nomination Form at the link provided below and then follow these simple instructions. Winners will be contacted throughout the season.

1. Complete the contact information section at the top of the form for yourself and the person you are nominating.
2. Tell us why the person you are nominating should be recognized as a Bellwether Community Champion.
3. Mail, fax or drop off your nomination form.


Submission Instructions:
  • Drop off your nomination form at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium or any Bellwether Community Credit Union branch.
  • Mail to Bellwether Community Champion Program, c/o New Hampshire Fisher Cats, 1 Line Drive, Manchester, NH 03101.
  • Fax your nomination form to 603-647-8607.