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Lucky the Wonder Dog!

Just who is that new dog running around at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park? Well, his name is Lucky “The Wonder Dog” and he and his pal, Gene, will be at every Durham Bulls home game on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night! Lucky knows over 50 verbal commands and cues and has been taught to recognize and respond to 10 different hand signals and whistle commands.

Wanna know more about Lucky? Then read on!

Lucky the Wonder Dog  
Birthday January 2001
Height 2' 4"
Weight 65 lbs.
Likes Children, playing frisbee, fetching tennis balls and running the bases after Durham Bulls victories!!
Dislikes Soggy dog food and Durham Bulls losses.
Favorite Food Purina Dog Chow
Favorite Movie Snow Dogs
Favorite TV Show Clifford the Big Red Dog
Favorite Song Who let the Dogs Out!
Favorite Role Model Wool E. Bull
Favorite Baseball Player Bulls pitcher Cedrick "Bow-wow-wow"ers
Best Friend Gene "The Dog Guy" Lonsway
Favorite Website Canine College of Chapel Hill
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