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General Minor League Info

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Tryouts are not held by Minor League Baseball teams. Teams are assigned players by their Major League Baseball affiliate. The Major League Souting Bureau conducts tryout camps around the country and can be reached at (909) 980-1881.

Players are employed by Major League Baseball and are then assigned to a Minor League Baseball Club. Almost always a player will be assigned to a team at the conclusion of spring training and not until camp has completed. In addition, most Minor League Baseball teams will have their rosters posted on their website when they are available.

Former players are under no obligation to provide Minor League Baseball with their current contact information. There are several member-based organizations that maintain contact information of former Minor and Major League Baseball players, including the Minor League Baseball Alumni Association, the Association of Professional Baseball Players of America, the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association. The Minor League Baseball Alumni Association does not distribute contact information of former players. The other organizations may, or may not, have similar policies.

Minor League Baseball player contracts are handled by the Major League Baseball office. Here are the salary ranges: First Contract Season- $1,200/ month maximum; after that, its open to negotiation. Alien Salary Rates- Different for aliens on Visas- mandated by INS. Meal Money- $20/per day at all levels while on the road.

Pitchers only bat in Double A and Triple A. The rules for each league are as follows: International League- pitchers only hit when both clubs are NL affilliates, Pacific Coast League- pitchers only hit when both clubs are NL affiliates and both clubs agree to have their pitchers hit, Eastern League- pitchers only hit when both clubs are NL affiliates, Southern League- pitchers hit as long as there is at least one NL affiliate, Texas League- pitchers only hit when both clubs are NL affiliates.