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Player Development Contracts

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When can Major and Minor League Teams renew their agreement?
Answer: The parties can agree to extend the Player Development Contract at any time during their agreement.

What is the term for a PDC?
Answer: A Player Development Contract between a Major and Minor League club is for a minimum of two years and may be extended in two-year increments.

When can Major and Minor League clubs that are not yet affiliated begin talking to each other?
Answer: The Major and Minor League clubs that give notice that they intend to discuss new affiliation may begin such talks on September 16. Any discussion or comments before that date may constitute tampering that could subject the clubs to fines or other penalties.

When is the deadline to sign a new PDC?
Answer: If a new Player Development Contract is not signed by September 30 the Commissioner of Baseball and President of Minor League Baseball will assign a PDC by October 7.

Can a club with a PDC be left without an affiliate at the end of the process?
Answer: No.

What penalties can be imposed on clubs that violate the rules?
Answer: Penalties include fines of up to $100,000 for Minor League clubs and $500,000 for Major League clubs.

Is there a public list of PD contracts?
Answer: No, this is not pubic information.

Why won’t Minor League clubs talk about Major League teams that they would like to sign a PDC with?
Answer: These kind of comments can constitute tampering and lead to serious penalties.

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NOTE: Please keep in mind that these Questions and Answers are for informational purposes ONLY. All issues related to PDC’s and the affiliation process are governed by applicable baseball rules and in the event of any variation between answers presented here and the rules, the rules would govern.