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Mike Birling

Mike Birling

Mike Birling

Position: General Manager
Hometown: Kimberly, WI

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1. What one single nugget of wisdom has helped you most professionally?
40 percent of things you worry about never happen; 30 percent of things you worry about have already happened and cannot be changed; 22 percent of things you worry about are beyond your control; 8 percent of things you worry about are situations over which I have any influence, so I try hard only to stress on that 8%.

2. Without consideration for finances or job responsibilities, where would you choose to live?
I actually would still choose to live in NC because I enjoy the change in seasons, but they aren't nearly as severe as my home state of Wisconsin. The only difference would be I want to live in a big house on a large piece of land on a small, quiet lake. There is nothing better, for me, than living on a lake.

3. What one job responsibility would you like to delegate to someone else?
I would say dealing with the paperwork that comes with being General Manager.

4. What non job related subject interest you most?
There are really two. The financial world, including the stock market and politics. I could talk and debate those things all day.

5. What is your all time favorite movie or TV series?
Favorite movie series is Star Wars and favorite TV series is 24. Jack Bauer is and always will be my hero.