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Ballpark Games

Come check out Moe's Wool E's World in right field.

Wiffle Ball

Go for a Grand Slam! Try your hand at hitting home runs at the wiffle ball inflatable game.


Go for the high score! Play alone or challenge a friend to a game of basketball.

Speed Pitch

How fast is your fastball? Speed Pitch gives you the chance to test your arm against the best. Throw the pitch and see your speed on a real radar gun. Guess your speed and win a prize!


Let's see you play!

We offer a free playground for kids under 5.

There is also a large playground for kids between the ages of 5-11 where $3 gets you 15 minutes of climbing and sliding fun!

Wool E. Maze

Climbing, sliding, jumping, and more is what you will find in Wool E's maze!