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Download to Outlook

The 2012 Outlook Schedule Now Available!
Download Below.

Download the 2012 Bulls Home Schedule to your Outlook Calendar!

There is plenty to see before the first pitch at the DBAP. Look through the Pre-Game Schedule, and plan to get to the game early.

Installation Instructions:

Be sure to follow the directions carefully. You may want to print this page for a reference during installation.

Game end times are approximate

Note! Some versions of RealPlayer will automatically download the self-extracting schedule file and put the Bulls-Home-Schedule folder into a download directory. To avoid this, simply right-click the above link and choose the Save Target As option. (Firefox users will need to choose Save Link As.) Select the Desktop and click Save. You can then proceed with Step 4.

  • Click on: 2012 Durham Bulls Home Schedule display dialogue box.
  • Select Save this Program to Disk. Click OK.
  • Under Save in: Select Desktop Click Save.
  • On the Desktop, double click the file
  • If you have WinZip installed, a WinZip box will open. Drag the "2012_Bulls.vcs" file to your desktop, then close the WinZip box.
  • Open Outlook. (On most computers, this can be done by double clicking on the Outlook icon on your Desktop.)
  • Under Outlook, select File then Import and Export.
  • Under Choose Action to Perform: select Import vCalendar File (.vcs) Click Next.
    NOTE- If using Outlook 2000 or newer, you will need to select Import iCalendar or vCalendar (.vcs).
  • Under Look in: select Desktop.
  • Select the folder labeled Bulls-Home-Schedule. Click Open.
  • Under Files of Type select vCalendar Format. (It may already be selected)
  • Select the file labeled Bulls-Home-Schedule. Click OK.
    NOTE- If using Outlook 2000 or newer, you will need to select vCalendar Format under Files of Type.
  • Delete the Bulls-Home-Schedule file and folders left on your Desktop.

All done!