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Major League Spinners

Since Wilton Veras made his Major League Debut with the Boston Red Sox July 1, 1999, a stream of former Spinners have continued to follow the path blazed by Veras to the Major Leagues. Be it with the Red Sox or else where, 100 former Spinners have made the trek from Lowell to the big leagues. Photos of each former Spinner line the walls of both the front office and the locker room in the Spinners' "Wall of Fame." Who will be added next?

To be considered for this list, players must have dressed for the Lowell Spinners, whether they appear in a game with the team or not [Pitchers Matt Barnes and Noe Ramirez were with the team in 2011 and pitchers Anthony Ranaudo and Brandon Workman were with the team for a month in 2010, but did not appear in a game]. Players who are beyond their first-year of professional baseball and on rehab assignment are not included. Players are added to the Spinner "Wall of Fame" after throwing at least one pitch in a Major League Game, play defensively in the field or receive an at-bat. Left-Handed pitcher Tom Cochran has been promoted to the big leagues, but did not appear in a game before returning to the Minor Leagues.

While these former Spinners have gone on to play Major League Baseball, one former Spinner went onto play in the major leagues in another sport. After five seasons of minor league baseball, including the 1996 season in Lowell, Corey Jenkins returned to college as a football player. After a standout career, Jenkins was drafted by the Miami Dolphins as a linebacker, making his NFL Debut in 2003. Jenkins played three seasons with the Dolphins and a season with the Chicago Bears. He is currently the defensive coordinator for Gray Military Academy in South Carolina. On the opposite side of the spectrum, linebacker Brandon Magee played two seasons in the NFL before giving baseball a try with the Spinners in 2015. Magee left the team in August of that season to attempt an NFL return.





Debut Team (Date/Opponent)

Wilton Veras 1996 3B Boston Red Sox (July 1, 1999 vs. Tampa Bay)
Steve Lomasney 1996 C Boston Red Sox (Oct. 3, 1999 at Baltimore)
Matt Kinney 1996 RHP Minnesota Twins (Aug. 18, 2000) vs. Toronto)
Jack Cressend 1996 RHP Minnesota Twins (Aug. 26, 2000 vs. Detroit)
Shea Hillenbrand 1996 3B Boston Red Sox (Apr. 2, 2001 at Baltimore)
David Eckstein 1997 2B Anaheim Angels (Apr. 3, 2001 at Texas)
Casey Fossum 1999 LHP Boston Red Sox (July 28, 2001 vs. Chicago)
Adam Everett 1998 SS Houston Astros (Aug. 30, 2001 vs. Cincinnati)
Angel Santos 1998 2B Boston Red Sox (Sept. 8, 2001 vs. Philadelphia)
Mike Maroth 1998 LHP Detroit Tigers (June 8, 2002 vs. Philadelphia)
Freddy Sanchez 2000 2B Boston Red Sox (Sept. 10, 2002 at Tampa Bay)
Josh Hancock 1998 RHP Boston Red Sox (Sept. 10, 2002 at Tampa Bay)
Rontrez Johnson 1996 OF Kansas City Royals (Mar. 31, 2003 vs. Chicago)
Lew Ford 1999 OF Minnesota Twins (May 29, 2003 vs. Seattle)
Kevin Youkilis 2001 3B Boston Red Sox (May 15, 2004 vs. Toronto)
Anastacio Martinez 1999 RHP Boston Red Sox (May 22, 2004 vs. Toronto)
Abe Alvarez 2003 LHP Boston Red Sox (July 22, 2004 vs. Baltimore)
Marty McLeary 1997 RHP San Diego Padres (Aug. 22, 2004 vs. Florida)
Tony Blanco 2000 3B Washington Nationals (Apr. 4, 2005 vs. Philadelphia)
Matt Murton 2003 OF Chicago Cubs (July 8, 2005 at Florida)
Jonathan Papelbon 2003 RHP Boston Red Sox (July 31, 2005 vs. Minnesota)
Hanley Ramirez 2002 SS Boston Red Sox (Sept. 20, 2005 vs. Tampa Bay)
Anibal Sanchez 2004 RHP Florida Marlins (June 25, 2006 at New York Yankees)
John Hattig 2000, 2001 3B Toronto Blue Jays (Aug. 19, 2006 at Baltimore)
David Murphy 2003 OF Boston Red Sox (Sept. 2, 2006 vs. Toronto)
Brian Esposito 2000 C St. Louis Cardinals (June 2, 2007 at Houston)
Jacoby Ellsbury 2005 OF Boston Red Sox (June 30, 2007 vs. Texas)
Phil Dumatrait 2001 LHP Cincinnati Reds (Aug. 2, 2007 at Washington)
Brandon Moss 2003 OF Boston Red Sox (Aug. 6, 2007 at Los Angeles)
Clay Buchholz 2005 RHP Boston Red Sox (Aug. 17, 2007 vs. Los Angeles)
Harvey Garcia 2004 RHP Florida Marlins (Sept. 3, 2007 at Washington)
Dan Giese 1999, 2000 RHP San Francisco Giants (Sept. 8, 2007 vs. Los Angeles)
Jed Lowrie 2005 3B Boston Red Sox (April 15, 2008 at Cleveland)
Justin Masterson 2006 RHP Boston Red Sox (Apr. 24, 2008 vs. Los Angeles)
Chris Smith 2002 RHP Boston Red Sox (June 21, 2008 vs. St. Louis)
R.J. Swindle 2004 LHP Philadelphia Phillies (July 7, 2008 vs. New York)
Hunter Jones 2005 LHP Boston Red Sox (Apr. 20, 2009 vs. Baltimore)
Dusty Brown 2002 C Boston Red Sox (June 23, 2009 at Washington)
Aaron Bates 2006 1B Boston Red Sox (July 6, 2009 vs. Oakland)
Dustin Richardson 2006, 2008 LHP Boston Red Sox (Sept. 28, 2009 vs. Toronto)
Felix Doubront 2006, 2007 LHP Boston Red Sox (June 18, 2010 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers)
Ryan Kalish 2006, 2007 OF Boston Red Sox (July 31, 2010 vs. Detroit)
Yamaico Navarro 2007, 2009 SS Boston Red Sox (Aug. 20, 2010 vs. Toronto)
Jose Iglesias 2010 SS Boston Red Sox (May 8, 2011 vs. Minnesota)
Tommy Hottovy 2004, 2009 LHP Boston Red Sox (June 3, 2011 vs. Oakland)
Kyle Weiland 2008 RHP Boston Red Sox (July 10, 2011 vs. Baltimore)
Ryan Lavarnway 2008 C Boston Red Sox (August 18, 2011 at Kansas City)
Nick Hagadone 2007 LHP Cleveland Indians (Sept. 1, 2011 vs. Oakland)
Tim Federowicz 2008 C Los Angeles Dodgers (Sept. 11, 2011 vs. San Francisco)
Che-Hsuan Lin 2007 OF Boston Red Sox (April 14, 2012 vs. New York)
Will Middlebrooks 2008, 2011 3B Boston Red Sox (May 2, 2012 vs. Oakland)
Luis Exposito 2006 C Baltimore Orioles (May 4, 2012 vs. Boston)
Kris Negron 2006 INF Cincinnati Reds (June 7, 2012 vs. Pittsburgh)
Miguel Socolovich 2007 RHP Baltimore Orioles (July 14, 2012 vs. Detroit)
Stephen Fife 2008 RHP Los Angeles Dodgers (July 17, 2012 vs. Philadelphia)
Casey Kelly 2008 RHP San Diego Padres (August 27, 2012 vs. Atlanta)
Jackie Bradley Jr. 2011 OF Boston Red Sox (April 1, 2013 vs. New York Yankees)
Ryan Pressly 2009 RHP Minnesota Twins (April 4, 2013 vs. Detroit)
Alex Wilson 2009 RHP Boston Red Sox (April 11, 2013 vs. Baltimore)
Chris McGuiness 2009 1B Texas Rangers (June 7, 2013 vs. Toronto)
Jose Alvarez 2009 LHP Detroit Tigers (June 9, 2013 vs. Cleveland)
Brandon Workman 2010 RHP Boston Red Sox (July 10, 2013 vs. Seattle)
Drake Britton 2008, 2009 LHP Boston Red Sox (July 20, 2013 vs. New York Yankees)
Kris Johnson 2006 LHP Pittsburgh Pirates (August 18, 2013 vs. Arizona)
Cesar Cabral 2009 LHP New York Yankees (September 2, 2013 vs. Chicago)
Stolmy Pimentel 2008 RHP Pittsburgh Pirates (September 4, 2013 vs. Milwaukee)
Alex Hassan 2009 OF Boston Red Sox (June 1, 2014 vs. Tampa Bay)
Garin Cecchini 2011 3B Boston Red Sox (June 1, 2014 vs. Tampa Bay)
Mookie Betts 2012 2B Boston Red Sox (June 29, 2014 vs. New York Yankees)
Roman Mendez 2010 RHP Texas Rangers (July 8, 2014 vs. Houston Astros)
Christian Vazquez 2009 C Boston Red Sox (July 9, 2014 vs. Chicago White Sox)
Anthony Ranaudo 2010 RHP Boston Red Sox (August 1, 2014 vs. New York Yankees)
Dan Butler 2009 C Boston Red Sox (August 10, 2014 vs. Los Angeles)
Bryan Price 2008 RHP Cleveland Indians (September 1, 2014 vs. Detroit)
Hunter Strickland 2008 RHP San Francisco Giants (September 1, 2014 vs. Colorado)
Matt Barnes 2011 RHP

Boston Red Sox (September 9, 2014 vs. Baltimore)

Bryce Brentz 2010 OF Boston Red Sox (September 17, 2014 vs. Pittsburgh)
Jason Garcia 2011/2014 RHP Baltimore Orioles (April 8, 2015 vs. Tampa Bay)
Travis Shaw 2011 1B Boston Red Sox (May 8, 2015 vs. Toronto)
Jonathan Aro 2013 RHP Boston Red Sox (June 25, 2015 vs. Baltimore)
Deven Marrero 2012 SS Boston Red Sox (June 28, 2015 vs. Tampa Bay)
Noe Ramirez 2011 RHP Boston Red Sox (July 3, 2015 vs. Houston)
Brian Johnson 2012 LHP Boston Red Sox (July 21, 2015 vs. Houston)
Frankie Montas 2012 RHP Chicago White Sox (September 2, 2015 vs. Minnesota)
Carson Blair 2009-11 C Oakland Athletics (September 6, 2015 vs. Seattle)

Nefi Ogando

2011 RHP Philadelphia Phillies (September 9, 2015 vs. Atlanta)

Jeremy Hazelbaker

2009 OF St. Louis Cardinals (April 3, 2016 at Pittsburgh)

Hunter Cervenka

2010-2011 OF Atlanta Braves (April 12, 2016 at Washington)

William Cuevas

2012 RHP Boston Red Sox (April 21, 2016 vs. Tampa Bay)

Pat Light

2012 RHP Boston Red Sox (April 26, 2016 at Atlanta)

Mike Miller

2012 INF Boston Red Sox (June 28, 2016 at Atlanta)

Andrew Benintendi

2015 OF Boston Red Sox (August 2, 2016 at Seattle)

Madison Younginer

2010-2012 RHP Atlanta Braves (August 7, 2016 at St. Louis)

Robby Scott

2011 LHP Boston Red Sox (September 2, 2016 at Oakland)

Raul Alcantara

2011 RHP Oakland Athletics (September 5, 2016 vs Los Angeles (AL))

Manuel Margot

2012 OF San Diego Padres (September 21, 2016 vs Arizona)

Carlos Asuaje

2012 INF San Diego Padres (September 21, 2016 vs Arizona)

Justin Haley

2012 RHP Minnesota Twins (April 5, 2017 vs Kansas City)

Ben Taylor

2015 RHP Boston Red Sox (April 7, 2017 at Detroit)

Sam Travis

2014 1B Boston Red Sox (May 24, 2017 vs Texas)

Austin Maddox

2012 RHP Boston Red Sox (June 18, 2017 at Houston)