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New Videoboard

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During this offseason, the Memphis Redbirds are installing a new high-definition videoboard in right field, replacing the existing video and matrix boards.

The videoboard is still the tallest structure of its kind in the Minor Leagues, towering 13 stories above the playing field and at 60 feet wide by 60 feet tall (3,600 square feet), the video screen is the largest in all of Minor League Baseball and larger than some Major League teams.

The mammoth board weighs in at over 20 tons with 1,440,000 pixels, but uses a fraction of the power of the old board, making it more environmentally friendly.

In addition to the videoboard itself, the Redbirds are also installing all new video production equipment and a wireless Fan Cam!

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Timeline of Events:

March 3:
Removal of the old scoreboard begins

March 16:
The old scoreboard is completely removed

March 19:
New catwalks and backing are added to the structure

March 20:
Electricital power is installed

March 26:
Installation of the right field videoboard begins

April 4:
Testing of displays and operator training

April 12:
Installation completed and the new HD videoboard is ready!