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Josh Cocke

Josh Cocke, Director of Food & Beverage


Josh enters his second season working with the San Jose Giants and first as Director of Food and Beverage. Prior to holding this position, Josh was the San Jose Giants Food & Beverage Intern. Josh holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from Humboldt State University and will complete his Masters of Science Degree this spring in Natural Resource Science with an emphasis in Wildlife. The main focus of his Master's research was to determine whether or not the once endangered population of Aleutian cackling geese was being limited by density dependence on their breeding grounds on the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Josh was the first person to conduct this type of research since the 1970's. Josh also served as a Scout Sniper in the United States Marine Corps, with three deployments overseas from 2002-2004, and was honorably discharged in 2005 as a Sergeant.

Josh has a natural love for competitive interaction, and enjoys working with the San Jose Giants.