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6/7 -Star Wars Night

Star Wars Night
Catch the ForceDarth Vadar

A great Coca-Cola Field tradition this has become! Return to Coca-Cola Field on Saturday, June 7th you must!

Star Wars Night, presented by Alfred State College, is back as Episode VII features the Bisons hosting the Chiefs from a galaxy far, far away...ok, they are from Syracuse.

But there is no denying the force of this fun-filled night at the ballpark. In 2013, a sold-out crowd witnessed a three-year saga come to an end as Buster T. Bison and the Jedi Knights re-took Coca-Cola Field from the Dark Side....but it wasn't without the surprising help of none other than Darth Vadar himself.

So what can that mean for 2014??? Clearly the Dark Side is plotting revenge. Is there a new Sith Lord in the making? With their numbers severally cut from battle, can the Rebel Alliance hold its grasp of the ballpark? And where exactly does Vadar's allegiance fall? The answers will come on June 7, 2014.

Star Wars Night

Many of the great traditions of Star Wars Night will return in 2014. The event will continue to feature a Jersey Auction and the sale of Laser Swords, to benefit the American Heart Association.

Fans will once again be able to meet their favorite Star Wars Characters and watch the saga continue on the BisonsTV HD scoreboard. A post-game On-Field Battle will get the crowd ready for a fantastic post game Fireworks Show.

Stay tuned to for event details and promotions as the season draws near.

Star Wars Night

Individual Tickets for Star Wars Night are ON SALE NOW!

CLICK HERE to get your ticket for this must-attend event. Remember...this event sold out in 2013. So, get your hyperdrive in gear and reserve your spot today!

Star Wars Night

Star Wars Night The only way to ensure your spot at Coca-Cola Field for Star Wars Night Episode VII today is with a Bisons Star Wars 4-Pack. But don't worry, this pack is the best deal in the galaxy!

For only $66.00, you receive Four (4) Tickets to the game, Four (4) Sahlen's Hot Dogs and Four (4) Coca-Cola Soft Drinks. And to fight the forces of the dark side, you also receive one (1) commemorative Laser Sword. Each pack is a SAVINGS of $12.

Star Wars Night

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