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Ask a Player - By Zero Fatalities


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June 18, 2012
Ky T. Last night was my first night at a baseball game, I sat up front behind third base. Do you like the position you play?
Andrew Romine I don't mind third base. At first it was a little weird because you're so much closer than you are at shortstop or second. But it's fun, it's different. I haven't played much there so it's kind of new for me. You get a little bit different feel and look on the field. The ball is on you in a hurry, there's not much time to react to anything really. Hopefully you get a glove on it if they hit it hard.
Ollie T. Who taught you how to play baseball? (
Eddie McKiernan My father [taught me how to play] as soon as I was able to walk. My dad was pretty athletic but he didn't really play baseball. He played baseball through high school but he was more of a football guy.
Erick D, What has been your favorite and/or worse on-field promotion witnessed as a player? Thanks!
Doug Deeds Probably Hillbilly horseshoes or milking a cow in the Bible Belt in Tennessee.
Bobby Cassevah They milked a cow at Angel Stadium. A representative from each team had to milk a cow. Kole [Calhoun] had to do it this year.
Garth H. What is your favorite thing about Salt Lake City?
Doug Deeds I like the scenery. I'm from Ohio so coming to the ballpark and seeing the mountains every day is pretty awesome to me, something I'm not used to.



May 11, 2012
Jon V. Do you prefer playing in night games or day games?
Kole Calhoun Night games for sure. If you look at my stats in day games, it's embarrassing.
Alice W. What's the worst weather conditions you have played in?
Efren Navarro Last year, our first couple games were freezing and snowing. I never thought I'd play in snow so that was probably the worst.
Jaden H. Who's your favorite teammate to watch play?
Kevin Johnson I have to go with Kole Calhoun. He had a great spring training two years ago and went to Single-A, and tore it up and won our player of the year. He had another great spring training with the big club this year so he skipped Double-A and came here and is just doing a great job. He's a guy I really like watching play.
Zach M. If you could have a retired player as your teammate for a day, who would it be?
Garrett Richards Rollie Fingers. I want to see his mustache.
Kelly K. Do you have a favorite video game?
Hank Conger My favorite video game is NHL12. I always like playing that one. I like the (Anaheim) Ducks but my favorite player to play with on the game is (Washington's) Alexander Ovechkin.
Will Z. I was wondering if Andrew Romine has ever stolen a base off his brother (Austin, a catcher for the Yankees organization).
Andrew Romine In the fall league once I got a hit and I stole second off of him. He was living at my apartment and when I got home he was already there playing video games. He looks over at me and goes 'shut up' and I didn't even say anything to him.
Maria F. What is Loek Van Mil's jersey size?
Loek Van Mil It's a 52, plus an extra eight inches or so.
Carla S. Paul McAnulty has been in Salt Lake a few seasons, what does he think of the area?
Paul McAnulty Salt Lake has great fans. Plus it's a clean city with good scenery.
Ryan P. Mike Trout's dad played in the minors so I was wondering if Mike's ever used any of his Dad's old stuff?
Mike Trout Yeah, I'd use some of his bats in batting practice in high school to see what they were swinging and it's definitely a lot different than what we have now. I'll make fun of him because of the stuff we have now a days is a lot better.
Melissa B. I was wondering if any of the players had any hidden talents?
Doug Deeds I do everything in life righthanded except play baseball. (Deeds hits and throws lefthanded).