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Mini Plans


Get your seat for the 5 or 10 best games of the season with one of our new Mini-Plans!



Mini-Plan packages offer the best seats available for our biggest theme nights of the year. Choose from a 5- or 10-game option to get started.

Each Mini-Plan features 5 or 10 pre-selected games. These games are our 'don't miss' games of the year. They include Opening Night, fireworks nights, and huge theme nights.

Bonus Games! Sign up for a new 10-game mini-Plan account and get a ticket to the Volcanoes' Annual Futures game on July 3, 2014 along with tickets to the Northwest League Playoffs should the Volcanoes qualify.  Call the Volcanoes at (503) 390-2225 for more details.


Mini-Plan Prices


Plan Price per Seat Availability
5-Game Reserved $50 Purchase
10-Game Reserved $116 Purchase