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Pepsi Carolina Plan


118 ways to use your company season tickets

81 ways to use your personal season tickets

Pepsi Carolina Plan Flyer

Choose your plan: We have 7-, 17-, 18-, 35- or 70-game memberships.

We'll Buy You Dinner: All your ballpark fare food is included with your membership, along with all of your water and Pepsi products. This includes standard ballpark fare of unlimited hamburgers and hot dogs. Each night, we also rotate a wide variety of items for a third entree, ranging from meatball subs to chicken pot pie. The food window will be open for two hours and 30 minutes--from the time the gates open (60 minutes before first pitch) until 90 minutes after first pitch. Here are the menus we rotated in the Pepsi Carolina Plan throughout the 2017 season.

Best seat locations: You have better seat locations than the single-game buyer.

Reserved parking: Don't worry about paying for parking. Your parking is part of all Pepsi Carolina Plan memberships of 17 games or more.

Guaranteed complimentary gifts: Most teams give out gifts to the single-game buyer. We think that's silly. We give out cool complimentary gifts to our Pepsi Carolina Plan members.

First option for other events: There will be other events at the ballpark, such as concerts. You have the first right to purchase tickets for those special events.

First right to upgrade seat locations in future seasons: Buyers in future years will go to the back of the line. You'll have first right to upgrade based on seniority with the team.

You can choose from rows 4-18 between the dugouts. To purchase a Pepsi Carolina Plan today, call the Box Office today at (336) 714-2287.

Here is a full breakdown of the benefits from a Membership in the Pepsi Carolina Plan: