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70 ways to use Wings tickets

Red Wing season tickets are a tremendous value for businesses and individuals. A season ticket package includes a discounted rate, bonus tickets, redemption dates all season long, a lavish end of season party with the Red Wings, and more. Click here for more information on purchasing Red Wings season tickets for our 70 home games.

Here are 70 ways to use your Red Wings season tickets:

Client Entertainment
1. Invite a customer who hasn't done business with you lately
2. Take a loyal customer for his or her birthday
3. Take a potential customer to close the sale at the ballpark
4. Take a long-term customer to say "Thanks"
5. Take one of your smaller accounts to develop the amount of business they give you
6. Reward a customer who gave you a referral
7. Win back a customer who had a problem or complaint with your company
8. Thank a customer who praised your company
9. Take someone who does business with your competitor
10. Thank a new customer for his or her business
11. Offer to a customer for the Holiday
12. Give a customer who has been sick as a "Get Well Soon" gift
13. Give to a customer who made a timely or in-full payment

Employee Rewards
14. Improve communications with key co-workers
15. Help part-time workers feel like part of the organization
16. Give to the person who came the earliest
17. Have a drawing at work to give them to a lucky employee
18. Reward an employee who comes up with a savings suggestion
19. Give to the person who volunteers the most
20. Reward 100% attendance
21. Say "Thanks" to a retiring officer or employee
22. Welcome a new employee to the company
23. Give them to your secretary or assistant
24. Give them to a manager for exceeding department goals
25. Give them to a frontline person who satisfied an angry customer
26. Put a smile on an employee's face who is stressed out
27. Show your appreciation to a company intern
28. Send your co-workers or subordinates to a game together to promote bonding
29. Give to an employee who does not receive commission to boost morale
30. Give to an employee who left latest the night before
31. Give to your payroll department
32. Give to an employee who has worked the most overtime
33. Reward the department that exceeds its weekly/monthly quota
34. Give to an employee on his or her birthday
35. Give to an employee as a "Get Well Soon" gift
36. Give them to a prospective employee who may be in town
37. Congratulate an employee who exceeds his or her duties
38. Applaud an employee for hitting his or her yearly goal
39. Give to the employee who is always punctual

Sales Incentives
40. Give to an employee who schedules the most appointments in house
41. Give to an employee who schedules the most appointments out of the office
42. Run a sales contest and reward the winner with tickets
43. Pack them in a product to promote sales
44. Give your tickets to the person making the most additional sales
45. Give to the employee who generates the most new business
46. Give to an employee who has made the most sales calls
47. Give tickets to an employee who makes the most cold calls in one day
48. Give to an employee who renews the most accounts

Vendor Relations
49. Reward suppliers and vendors who help you meet your deadline
50. Offer tickets for on-time delivery
51. Offer your tickets to your accountant or lawyer
52. Offer your tickets to a service person from your company
53. Offer your tickets to someone who always gives you great service
54. Give your tickets to your office cleaning crew as a thank you
55. Give to potential vendors to enhance your business relationship
56. Give them to your company's security officers
57. Give them to an outside training service

58. Boost your own career potential by networking
59. Offer them to someone who has given you helpful advice
60. Enhance relationships with peers
61. Give to someone that you owe a favor
62. Give to members of a club you belong to

63. Thank your neighbor who helps you out
64. Give them to your child's teacher
65. Give thanks to your friends and family
66. When's the last time you brought an aunt or uncle who loves baseball to a Wings game?
67. Donate to a favorite local charity like Gilda's Club of Rochester, Boys & Girls Club of Rochester or the Pirate Toy Fund
68. Give to your mechanic, doctor, dentist, etc
69. Take someone you mentor to a ballgame
70. Reward a child for a great report card