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Grand Slam School Days

Dear Students:

Are you excited about Grand Slam School Day at Riverwalk Stadium?

  • What to Bring to Grand Slam School Day - When you come out to Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium, feel free to bring your sunglasses, a camera, a sharpie marker (for autographs), a baseball glove, and money for food or souvenirs. Don't forget your smile!
  • Food Options - Tuesdays are Dollar Dog Tuesday, including Grand Slam School Days. Students, faculty and staff can enjoy $1.00 hot dogs all game. 
  • Other Activities - Besides watching the Biscuits play, there are other activities you may want to keep your eyes out for. In between every inning we have an on-field promotions, testing your knowledge, your memory, and how loud you can cheer. Keep your eyes on the scoreboard, too, and you will see your school recognized. Make sure to check out the big screen too! You and your friends could be on camera! Arrive early and you'll have the opportunity to see fellow classmates recognized on field during a pre-game ceremony. Other highlights may include hearing Biscuits players address the crowd and the cool school exhibits on the concourse.
  • Curriculum Packet - Want to have even more fun on Grand Slam School Day? Then tell your teachers about the curriculum packet! It's much more fun than a normal lesson plan and is full of baseball references to make the game that much more exciting!