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2015 Interviews

Catcher Danny Jansen, 4/12
Manager Ken Huckaby, 4/13
Outfielder Chris Carlson, 4/15
Pitcher Chase De Jong, 4/16
Blue Jays MiLB Field Coordinator Doug Davis, 4/17
Blue Jays performance coach Steve Springer, 4/19
Manager Ken Huckaby, 4/21
Hitting Coach Kenny Graham, 4/22
Outfielder/Infielder Dickie Joe Thon, 4/25
Pitching Coach Jeff Ware, 4/26
Pitcher Phil Kish, 4/29
Infielder Tim Locastro, 4/30
Slugger Ryan McBroom, 5/2
Outfielder Anthony Alford, 5/3
Blue Jays Outfield/Base Running Coordinator Tim Raines, 5/4
Outfielder J.D. Davis, 5/7
Outfielder D.J. Davis, 5/8
Infielder Gunnar Heidt, 5/9
Pitcher Andrew Case, 5/11
Pitcher Conner Greene, 5/11
Outfielder Boomer Collins, 5/13
Pitcher Shane Dawson, 5/31
Pitcher Chase Mallard, 5/31
Outfielder Josh Almonte, 6/3
Pitcher Michael Kraft, 6/3
First baseman Rowdy Tellez, 6/7
Catcher Michael De La Cruz, 6/10
Manager Ken Huckaby, 6/11
Infielder Jason Leblebijian, 6/14
Catcher Mike Reeves, 6/16


2015 Audio Highlights
* Radio Broadcaster - Jesse Goldberg-Strassler *

April 9, 2015: Ryan McBroom goes yard against Michigan State
April 10, 2015: Richard Urena comes through with an RBI single
April 10, 2015: Gunnar Heidt supplies an RBI single
April 10, 2015: Chris Carlson delivers an RBI single
April 12, 2015: Tim Locastro's game-tying single in the 9th
April 12, 2015: Danny Jansen delivers a 10th-inning sacrifice fly
April 13, 2015: Richard Urena belts his first home run of the year
April 13, 2015: Justin Atkinson supplies a two-run double
April 13, 2015: Ryan McBroom smokes a three-run double
April 13, 2015: The Lugnuts nearly turn a game-winning triple play
April 14, 2015: Chris Carlson knocks an RBI double
April 14, 2015: Michael De La Cruz victimizes Fort Wayne for a two-run double
April 15, 2015: Dickie Joe Thon brings in the Lugnuts' first run with a single
April 15, 2015: Great Lakes second baseman Jimmy Allen commits a costly error
April 16, 2015: Rowdy Tellez ends a marathon with a two-HR in the 16th
April 17, 2015: Danny Jansen's first hit of the year is a home run
April 17, 2015: Two batters after Jansen, Dickie Joe Thon goes deep
April 18, 2015: D.J. Davis legs out an RBI triple
April 18, 2015: Dickie Joe Thon flares a two-run single
April 19, 2015: Richard Urena comes through with an RBI single
April 21, 2015: Pitcher Shane Dawson pulls off a brilliant bit of defensive wizardry
April 21, 2015: Rowdy Tellez lifts a two-run double
April 21, 2015: With the bases loaded, D.J. Davis goes for an inside-the-park homer...
April 21, 2015: Richard Urena turns a crucial double play
April 22, 2015: Anthony Alford makes a diving catch
April 22, 2015: With Anthony Alford feeling ambitious, Richard Urena hits a rare 2-run sac fly
April 23, 2015: Richard Urena goes yard against Fort Wayne again
April 24, 2015: Anthony Alford goes oppo with an RBI double
April 24, 2015: Rowdy Tellez lines his second RBI single in as many innings

April 27, 2015: Dickie Joe Thon supplies an RBI single
April 27, 2015: Danny Jansen nabs two Hot Rods stealing
April 27, 2015: Danny Jansen lines an RBI double in the 8th
April 27, 2015: Gunnar Heidt comes through with an RBI single
April 29, 2015: Anthony Alford drives an RBI double

May 2, 2015: Tim Locastro legs out a three-run inside-the-park home run
May 3, 2015: Tim Locastro scores from first on a poor pick-off throw
May 3, 2015: Rowdy Tellez goes opposite-field for a two-run HR
May 4, 2015: Danny Jansen swats a two-run double

May 4, 2015: DJ Davis exits the ballpark
May 4, 2015: Ryan McBroom goes back-to-back
May 4, 2015: Tim Locastro saves the game
May 6, 2015: Boomer Collins booms his first

May 7, 2015: cleanup hitter JD Davis blasts a two-run triple...
May 7, 2015: ...and DJ Davis follows with one of his own
May 7, 2015: Richard Urena goes yard against Fort Wayne AGAIN
May 7, 2015: Danny Jansen lasers a 1-2 pitch out to left
May 8, 2015: J.D. Davis knocks a two-run homer
May 9, 2015: Tim Locastro's first RBI double sparks a comeback
May 9, 2015: Locastro's magic continues with a game-tying double

May 12, 2015: J.D. Davis stays hot with an RBI double high off the left field wall

2014 Interviews

2014 Staff: Manager John Tamargo, Jr., 4/12.4/22; Hitting Coach Ken Huckaby, 4/5Pitching Coach Vince Horsman, 8/7Strength and Conditioning Ryan Maedel, 8/27.

Toronto Blue Jays Organization: Toronto Blue Jays rehab coordinator/roving pitching instructor Rick Langford, 7/19Toronto Blue Jays coordinator of instruction Clayton McCullough, 8/20Toronto Blue Jays special assistant to the president Fred McGriff, 8/9Toronto Blue Jays roving infield instructor Mike Mordecai, 5/137/19Toronto Blue Jays roving outfield and base running instructor Tim Raines, 7/31

Miscellaneous: South Bend Silver Hawks manager Mark Haley, 8/23Lansing Lugnuts visiting clubhouse manager Matt Stachelski, 6/9Cooley Law School Stadium PA announcer Jennifer Swanchara, 5/7Head Groundskeeper Lenny Yoder and the Lansing Lugnuts' grounds crew, 7/21

2014 Lugnuts:

Anthony Alford, 7/3Brad Allen, 7/28Justin Atkinson, 4/30Miguel Castro, 8/19; Jimmy Cordero, 8/11L.B. Dantzler, 5/28D.J. Davis, 5/10Shane Dawson, 7/17Matt Dean, 4/4Chase De Jong, 5/28Yeyfry Del Rosario, 6/12Matt Dermody, 6/16Brady Dragmire, 4/16Roberto Espinosa, 6/28Chaz Frank, 5/29Jeremy Gabryszwski, 4/24Alonzo Gonzalez, 4/24Francisco Gracesqui, 7/31David Harris, 7/2Adaric Kelly, 5/7Phil Kish, 4/29Daniel Klein, 6/28Jason Leblebijian, 5/10Joe Lovecchio, 8/19Derrick Loveless, 6/11Dawel Lugo, 8/16Griffin Murphy, 4/22Mitch Nay, 7/10Santiago Nessy, 6/14Ian Parmley, 4/3Brent Powers, 7/26Mike Reeves, 7/11Jorge Saez, 4/6Scott Silverstein, 4/16Starlyn Suriel, 8/15Rowdy Tellez, 8/25Dickie Joe Thon, 5/3Frank Viola III, 6/15Chase Wellbrock, 8/31.


2014 Audio Highlights
* Radio Broadcasters - Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and Trey Wilson *

Anthony Alford clobbers his first Lugnuts home run, 7/5
Justin Atkinson launches his first home run of the year, 5/17
L.B. Dantzler hits a grand slam, 5/1launches a three-run homer at Fort Wayne, 5/23

D.J. Davis provides a SportsCenter-worthy diving catch, 4/16 (video), walks off the LumberKings, 7/20
Matt Dean belts a home run to right-center off of Kevin Ziomek, 5/3cranks one across Cedar Street, 8/8,
Chase De Jong dives to snag a bunt in Wisconsin, 4/16 (video)
Chaz Frank comes through an RBI triple... and then scores the winning run, 6/26

David Harris launches one off the Whitecaps' scoreboard, 8/18
Daniel Klein victimizes West Michigan ace Austin Kubitza with his first home run, 8/7

Jason Leblebijian makes a sliding 9th inning grab, 4/21circles the bases in Peoria, 7/23
Derrick Loveless finishes matters with a walk-off, 4/26
Dawel Lugo goes deep to break a 5-5 tie, 7/14
Mitch Nay catapults a long home run at Great Lakes, 8/1
Santiago Nessy turns the game into a rout with a three-run double, 5/14

Ian Parmley supplies a two-out, two-run go-ahead single, 4/11
Jorge Saez homers at Dayton's Fifth Third Field, 5/1
Chris Schaeffer cracks a roundtripper to left-center, 8/25
Rowdy Tellez smashes his first Midwest League homer, 8/25

Dickie Joe Thon knocks a grand slam at Lake County, 4/5... delivers a walk-off RBI single, 4/11

2013 Interviews

2013 Staff: Manager John Tamargo, Jr., 4/5.; Manager John Tamargo, Jr., 6/22Hitting Coach Kenny Graham, 5/9Hitting Coach Kenny Graham, 6/20Pitching Coach Vince Horsman, 4/8Pitching Coach Vince Horsman, 8/12.

Toronto Blue Jays Organization: Toronto Blue Jays roving hitting instructor Mike Barnett, 5/2Vancouver Canadians pitching coach Jim Czajkowski, 6/8Toronto Blue Jays roving catching instructor Sal Fasano, 4/13Toronto Blue Jays roving pitching instructor Dane Johnson, 5/19Toronto Blue Jays special consultant Fred McGriff, 6/13Toronto Blue Jays roving outfield/baserunning instructor Tim Raines, 4/17;  Pro Scout and Performance Coach Steve Springer, 6/24.

Miscellaneous: Clubhouse Manager Kevin Fischer, 7/13South Bend Silver Hawks manager Mark Haley, 5/26West Michigan Whitecap (and MSU Spartan) Jeff Holm, 6/8Umpires Sam Vogt and Tim Hromada, 8/18.

2013 Lugnuts: Javier Avendaño, 5/8Matt Boyd, 8/4Eric Brown, 8/10Wil Browning, 5/2; Kramer Champlin, 5/16Taylor Cole, 5/17Seth Conner, 5/5Seth Conner, 7/10Tucker Donahue, 5/18Jorge Flores, 4/4; Chuck Ghysels, 4/28Chad Girodo, 8/6Alonzo Gonzalez, 4/7; Kendall Graveman, 7/15Emilio Guerrero, 7/21Chris Hawkins, 4/20; Chris Hawkins, 6/25Justin Jackson, 5/25Matthew Johnson, 5/10; Ian Kadish, 5/14Ian Kadish, 6/16Daniel Klein, 8/1Jason Leblebijian, 6/29Jordan Leyland, 8/1Christian Lopes, 5/4Christian Lopes, 7/2Aaron Muñoz, 5/20Griffin Murphy, 5/6Griffin Murphy, 8/4Santiago Nessy, 7/4Efrain Nieves, 6/1Daniel Norris, 5/19; Shane Opitz, 4/25Roberto Osuna, 4/29Kevin Patterson, 5/28Gustavo Pierre, 4/26Dalton Pompey, 4/12; Dalton Pompey, 6/3Dalton Pompey, 7/25Carlos Ramirez, 6/5Arik Sikula, 4/27Arik Sikula (interviewed by Daniel Norris), 8/5Dwight Smith, Jr., 4/27Dwight Smith, Jr., 6/23Kellen Sweeney, 4/6Kellen Sweeney, 4/22Colton Turner, 8/2Ben White, 5/30.


2013 Audio Highlights
* Radio Broadcasters - Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and Slavko Bekovic *

Balbino Fuenmayor homers in his first at-bat of the season, 4/4
Emilio Guerrero launches a roundtripper, 6/14
Chris Hawkins knocks a home run at Fifth Third Field... and so does Jorge Flores, 6/23
Daniel Klein walks off, 8/18...
and breaks up a no-hitter with a home run, 8/24 
Christian Lopes supplies a key two-run single, 4/22
Santiago Nessy supplies a two-run double, 4/5
Daniel Norris saves face with a remarkable catch, 8/15
Gustavo Pierre launches a grand slam, 4/22
Dalton Pompey makes an outstanding catch in center field, 7/25... slugs his second grand slam, 8/28
Carlos Ramirez belts his first home run, 4/7
Kevin Patterson knocks a three-run home run... Fuenmayor homers two batters later, 5/18
Kevin Patterson delivers a tie-breaking home run in the 8th, 6/2... flexes his muscles, 6/26
Dwight Smith, Jr. homers at Dayton, 6/24... delivers a go-ahead HR vs. Peoria, 7/12
Kellen Sweeney swats a huge home run, 7/15

2012 Interviews

2012 Staff: Manager John Tamargo, Jr., 5/12, John Tamargo, Jr., 6/26, John Tamargo, Jr., 8/30Hitting Coach Kenny Graham, Pitching Coach Vince Horsman, Athletic Trainer Shawn McDermott.

Toronto Blue Jays Organization: Toronto Blue Jays roving hitting coordinator Anthony IapoceToronto Blue Jays roving pitching coordinator Dane Johnson, Dr. Ray Karesky, Director of the Toronto Blue Jays Employee Assistance Program, Blue Jays pro scout/performance coach Steve Springer.

Miscellaneous: Happy Mother's Day from the Lugnuts, Dayton Dragons pitching coach Tom Browning, clubhouse manager Pat Murray, Jon Berti, Aaron Munoz and Jesse Hernandez on base-stealing/holding runners on,
team physcian Dr. Julie Dodds.

2012 Lugnuts: Javier Avendaño, 5/14
, Nick Baligod, 8/15, Brandon Berl, 5/16, Brandon Berl, 8/13Jon Berti, 4/19, Tim Brechbuehler, 8/29, Eric Brown, 5/2, Phil Brua, 6/29, Phil Brua, 8/11, Andy Burns, 4/13, Kramer Champlin, 4/21, Kramer Champlin, 7/8, Anthony DeSclafani, 4/17, Anthony DeSclafani, 7/12, Aleson Escalante, 6/17, Andy Fermin, 6/6, Shawn Griffith, 8/28, Chris Hawkins, 5/3, Chris Hawkins, 6/12, Chris Hawkins, 9/6, Jesse Hernandez, 4/11, Jesse Hernandez, 8/2, K.C. Hobson, 5/31, K.C. Hobson, 8/23, Ian Kadish, 8/1, Blake McFarland, 4/14, Blake McFarland, 7/14Ajay Meyer, 4/12, Ajay Meyer, 8/21, Aaron Muñoz, 6/7, Aaron Muñoz, 7/21, Justin Nicolino, 9/5Shane Opitz, 4/23, Kevin Patterson, 4/9, Kevin Patterson, 7/30,Carlos Perez, 4/26, Chris Peters, 7/18, Gustavo Pierre, 6/16, Kevin Pillar, 5/5, Kevin Pillar, 6/15, Dalton Pompey, 9/2, Pierce Rankin, 5/6, David Rollins, 4/18, Aaron Sanchez, 5/2, Chris Schaeffer, 5/15, Kipp Schutz, 7/23, Noah Syndergaard, 5/26, Marcus Walden, 5/18, Kenny Wilson, 5/25, Kenny Wilson, 6/13, Tyler Ybarra, 5/9, Tyler Ybarra, 7/28.


2012 Audio Highlights 
* Radio Broadcasters - Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and Keaton Gillogly *

**Kevin Pillar ties the team and league records, going 6 for 6 with a grand slam, 5/12**
**The Lugnuts turn a triple play in Dayton, 5/14*
**Lansing's middle infielders turn a magnificent double play to end the half
, 6/17**
** Ajay Meyer sets the Lugnuts saves record, 8/4
**The Lugs win their record-setting 79th game of the season, 8/27**

Javier Avendaño strikes out his 6th straight batter, 4/16
Nick Baligod homers off South Bend top prospect Archie Bradley
, 8/30
Jon Berti's two-run single breaks open the Crosstown Showdown, 4/5; homers at Dayton, 4/11
Markus Brisker knocks a huge RBI double at Fifth Third Ballpark, 5/6
Andy Burns runs the Lugs into a run, 4/26; homers, 6/17; belts a double, 6/24; steals home, 7/1
Michael Crouse crushes a homer to spur a comeback vs. West Michigan, 8/4
Andy Fermin knocks his first home run of the season at Great Lakes, 8/12
Chris Hawkins dashes around the bases on a throwing error, 8/20; homers in Game 2, 9/6
Jesse Hernandez dazzles the Dayton Dragons, 4/10
K.C. Hobson damages the Fort Wayne foul pole with a home run, 6/13
Bryson Namba walks off Great Lakes with a game-winning single, 4/7
Shane Opitz homers beneath the scoreboard at The Cove, 8/29
Kevin Patterson shows off his power, 4/15; belts two HRs, 6/15... and then does it again, 7/6
Carlos Perez belts a three-run homer, 5/12; slugs a two-run game-winning double, 5/23
Gustavo Pierre drives an RBI double to left, 7/4; cranks out a two-run homer, 7/30
Kevin Pillar makes the catch of the year, 6/14; hits his second grand slam of the season, 6/17;
ties the game in the 9th with a huge three-run HR, 7/2;
hits a 9th inning three-run HR again, 7/3
Dalton Pompey lines an RBI triple at South Bend... and then is awarded home plate, 8/31
Chris Schaeffer delivers an RBI single at Dayton, 5/14; piles up 5 RBIs vs. Lake County, 9/2
Kipp Schutz's two-out, three-run double walks off the South Bend Silver Hawks
, 7/29
Kellen Sweeney hustles out an RBI double against Clinton, 4/29
Kenny Wilson leads off with a HR, 4/9; legs out an RBI triple off Cedar Rapids, 7/16

2011 Interviews

2011 Staff: Manager Mike Redmond, 4/11, Manager Mike Redmond, 6/3, Hitting Coach John Tamargo, Jr., Athletic Trainer James Gardiner, Pitching Coach Vince Horsman, 7/15, Vince Horsman, 8/25.

Toronto Blue Jays Organization: General Manager Alex Anthopoulos, Assistant General Manager Tony LaCava, Pro Scouting Director Perry Minasian, Director of Minor League Operations Charlie Wilson, Pro Scout Sal Butera, Roving Pitching Coordinator Dane Johnson, Toronto Blue Jays rehabbing pitcher Jesse Litsch, Coach Juan Lopez, Roving Infield Coordinator Mike Mordecai, Pro Scout Steve Springer, Blue Jays Rehab Coordinator (and 1996-98 Lugnuts Athletic Trainer) Jeff Stevenson.

Miscellaneous: Bat Boy Nate Alexander, Fort Wayne TinCaps pitcher Adam Dominick, Motor Coach Operator Larry Dumeney, South Bend Silver Hawks manager Mark Haley, Major Leaguer/Major League Manager Butch Hobson, K.C.'s father, Umpire Dustin Klinghagen, Peoria Chiefs manager Casey Kopitzke, Big Country 92.1's Erik Love, Kane County Cougars manager Aaron Nieckula, Midwest League Traveler Craig Wieczorkiewicz, (Craig's website).

2011 Lugnuts: Dustin Antolin, 8/3, Danny Barnes, 4/21, Danny Barnes, 9/9, Brandon Berl, Eli Boike, 8/19, Joe Bowen, 4/30, Markus Brisker, 4/28, Michael Crouse, 4/26, Michael Crouse, 7/7, Michael Crouse, 9/14, Michael Crouse & Jake Marisnick, 5/9, Misaul Diaz, 5/29, Oliver Dominguez, 4/19,Oliver Dominguez, 8/18, Lance Durham, 5/11, Lance Durham, 6/19, Aleson Escalante, 8/5, Luis Hurtado, 7/21, Balbino Fuenmayor, 4/14, Scott Gracey, 4/22, Shawn Griffith, 7/5, K.C. Hobson, 6/28Drew Hutchison, 4/13, Jonathan Jones, 4/29, Jonathan Jones, 9/11, Marcus Knecht, 5/10, Marcus Knecht, 6/15, Marcus Knecht, 8/23, Casey Lawrence, 4/15, Bryan Longpre, 7/6, Jake Marisnick, 4/28, Jake Marisnick, 8/22, Dayton Marze, 5/21, Peter Mooney, 9/1, Jack Murphy, 5/25, Jack Murphy, 7/28, Bryson Namba, 5/4, Justin Nicolino, 9/12, Kevin Nolan, 5/24, Kevin Nolan, 6/18, Sean Nolin, 5/6, Matt Nuzzo, 6/9, Matt Nuzzo, 8/27, Matt Nuzzo, 9/10, Garis Peña, 4/23, Alex Pepe, 5/28,Carlos Perez, 4/16, Carlos Perez, 7/25, Gustavo Pierre, 4/27, Tyler Powell, 6/8, Tyler Powell, 8/8Aaron Sanchez, 9/14, Egan Smith, 8/15, Sam Strickland, 5/17, Sam Strickland, 7/22, Noah Syndergaard, 8/29, Steve Turnbull, 4/12, Marcus Walden, 5/27, Marcus Walden, 8/2,
Daniel Webb, 8/30.


2011 Audio Highlights 
* Radio Broadcasters - Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and Kyler Ludlow *

1st Round vs. the Dayton Dragons
Matt Nuzzo's game-winning two-run homer stuns Dayton, Game 2, 9/9

The Lugnuts eliminate the powerful Dragons, Game 3, 9/10

2nd Round vs. the Fort Wayne TinCaps
Danny Barnes saves the series opener in Fort Wayne, Game 1, 9/11

Michael Crouse walks off with the Eastern Division title, Game 2, 9/12

Danny Barnes preserves a victory over Lake County, 7/10
Markus Brisker leads off with a home run, 5/22; supplies an RBI double for a 1-0 win, 4/14
Michael Crouse crushes one off the Whitecaps, 7/6; " Crouse homers to left"
, 4/29
Oliver Dominguez gives the Lugnuts the lead in the 8th with a two-run single, 5/24
Lance Durham knocks a run-scoring double to the gap, 7/10
K.C. Hobson gives the Lugs the lead, 7/3; walks off with a HR, 6/24; delivers a sac fly, 8/4
Drew Hutchison strikes out his 11th South Bend Silver Hawk, 4/12
Jonathan Jones hits his first pro home run, 5/30; delivers a key RBI single, 8/29
Marcus Knecht caps off a rally
, 5/18; hits one grand slam, 8/19; and then another, 8/20
Jake Marisnick lines a game-winning single, 5/2; homers off Cougar ace Greg Billo, 7/14
Dayton Marze wraps up a victory over the Dayton Dragons, 8/21
Jack Murphy knocks his 2nd home run of the season, 9/2
Bryson Namba gets all of one to deep left-center, visiting Big Lug's Playground, 5/31
Kevin Nolan belts his first professional home run, 5/29
Matt Nuzzo ties the Dragons with a two-run homer, 6/27; "Matt Nuzzo's a wizard"; 8/11
Garis Pena scores Lance Durham with a game-winning single against Lake County, 7/3
Carlos Perez whomps a three-run homer, 7/24; catches David Narodowski stealing, 8/4
Gustavo Pierre launches a home run against the Hot Rods, 5/20
Sam Strickland records his first career save, striking out the side in the 9th, 7/21
Steve Turnbull notches the save in the Lugnuts' first win of the year, 4/11

2010 Interviews

2010 Staff: Manager Sal Fasano, Hitting Coach John Tamargo, Jr., Pitching Coach Antonio Caceres, Athletic Trainer James Gardiner, Strength/Conditioning Coach Elliott White, Video Coordinator Coulson Barbiche.

Special end of season interviews: Sal Fasano, Antonio Caceres, John Tamargo, Jr..

Toronto Blue Jays Organization (including Rovers): Minor League Field Coordinator Doug DavisAnthony Iapoce (Hitting), Mike Mordecai (Infield), Dane Johnson (Pitching), Steve Springer, Scout.

Miscellaneous: Radio Broadcaster Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, On-Field Emcee Kevin Cox, Peoria Manager Casey Kopitzke, Jackson native Ryan LaMarre of the Dayton Dragons.

2010 Lugnuts: Kevin Ahrens, Dustin Antolin, Danny Barnes, Casey Beck, Evan Crawford, Michael Crouse, Oliver Dominguez, Eric Eiland, Matt Fields, Balbino Fuenmayor
, Brad Glenn, Ryan GoinsScott Gracey, K.C. Hobson, Chris Hopkins, Drew Hutchison, Justin Jackson, Chad Jenkins, A.J. Jimenez, Casey Lawrence, Aaron Loup, Jake Marisnick, Brad McElroy, Nestor Molina, Kevin Nolan, Sean Ochinko, Ryan Schimpf, Randy Schwartz, Dave Sever, Ryan Shopshire, Brian SloverEgan Smith, Ryan Tepera, Karim Turkamani, Steve Turnbull, Daniel Webb, Kenny Wilson, Matt Wright.


2010 Audio Highlights 
* Radio Broadcaster - Jesse Goldberg-Strassler *

**Chris Hopkins wins the Lugnuts' 1,000th game, 5/1**

Michael Crouse slugs a three-run tie-breaking home run, 8/29
Jon Del Campo gets all of one in Lake County, 9/5
Oliver Dominguez lines a roundtripper, 9/2
Eric Eiland beats Great Lakes in extra-innings, 5/23
Balbino Fuenmayor lofts a two-run home run, 5/27
Homers from Brad Glenn and Kevin Ahrens shock the Hot Rods, 9/5
Brad Glenn launches a homer at Lake County, 9/5
Ryan Goins ties the Lugnuts with the Dragons in the bottom of the 9th, 6/25
K.C. Hobson homers to break a scoreless tie, 8/29
A.J. Jimenez feels grand, 6/10;
defeats the Loons in the 9th, 7/30
Jake Marisnick steals home against the Captains, 9/5
Brad McElroy clears the bases with a triple in the 10th inning at Fort Wayne, 4/22
What will Kevin Nolan do? Supply a clutch two-run single, 4/11
Sean Ochinko walks off the Fort Wayne TinCaps with a two-run homer, 8/15
Ryan Schimpf clears the flag pole with a home run, 7/22
Schimpf and Goins combine on a remarkable play, 6/1
Mark Sobolewski proves clutch in the ninth, 5/23
Karim Turkamani flares a game-winning two-run single against Dayton, 6/25
Steve Turnbull strikes out his third in a row with the bases loaded, 7/15
Kenny Wilson supplies an RBI single, 6/1

2009 Audio Highlights
* Radio Broadcaster - Jesse Goldberg-Strassler *

Johermyn Chavez blasts a homer off of Kernels prospect Tyler Chatwood, 7/15
Chris Emanuele breaks a scoreless deadlock at Dayton, 8/31
Balbino Fuenmayor belts his first homer of the year vs. Beloit, 5/10
Chris House stuns Burlington with a two-out RBI double in the 8th inning, 7/12
A.J. Jimenez drills a two-run double off Whitecaps closer Tyler Stohr, 9/4
Chase Lirette pitches his first career complete game, 6/10
Justin McClanahan leads off the game in Dayton with a first-pitch homer, 6/15
Mike McDade shows off his power in Peoria, 7/22; rounds the bases in Fort Wayne, 8/20
Tyler Pastornicky doubles in two runs against West Michigan, 6/7
Mark Sobolewski jolts a key RBI double against the Whitecaps, 6/6
Jon Talley slugs his first homer of the year, victimizing West Michigan, 6/7
Brian Van Kirk delivers a surprise two-run homer against Burlington, 5/26
Kenny Wilson puts the Lugnuts on top of Peoria with a two-run triple
, 7/24

2008 Audio Highlights
* Radio Broadcaster - Brad Tillery *

The Lugnuts earn a playoff berth, 6/13

Kevin Ahrens blasts his fourth home run of the year, 8/26
Johermyn Chavez lines a go-ahead RBI single, 6/19
C.J. Ebarb delivers an RBI single, 6/23
Eric Eiland comes through with a walk-off single, 5/24
Justin Jackson provides an RBI single, 8/25
Jonathan Jaspe gives the Lugnuts an early lead, 9/4
Matt Liuzza caps off a big game with an RBI base hit, 6/21
Darin Mastroianni uses his speed to beat out an RBI single, 7/9
Mike McDade comes through with an RBI single, 5/15
Manny Rodriguez slugs a walk-off homer in the 10th inning, 6/8
Moises Sierra shows off his power, 7/23
John Tolisano ties the score with a roundtripper, 7/21

2007 Audio Highlights
* Radio Broadcaster - Brad Tillery *

The Lugnuts cap a fantastic regular season in team history, 9/3

Travis Snider crushes a moonshot at Oldsmobile Park, 9/3
Travis Snider hits for the cycle in reverse order: home run, triple, double, single, 7/7

Chris Emanuele makes a spectacular catch, 4/14