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Wing, Cheese, Celery Race

It's a race that's truly Buffalonian.

The Wing, Cheese, Celery Race (or WCC Race) at Coca-Cola Field is presented by Dent Neurological Institute. The rivalries, the trash talking, the sometimes less then ethical's a competition that leaves you wanting more, and needing a wet nap.

Wing, Bleu Cheese and Celery take the debate over Buffalo's favorite meal onto the field for the fans of Buffalo. Every night at Coca-Cola Field, the three race around the warning track in order to capture bragging rights. On really intense nights, Atomic stops by to add even more heat to the competition.

The 2013 season may go down as the most talked about WCC year in history. An amazing late-season run of victories propelled Bleu Cheese to its first season title, snapping Wing's two-year Championship run. And Atomic has emerged as a serious threat to not only your stomach, but to the other competitors as well. An increased win total for the hottest of racers has Atomic looking strong heading into 2014.

And then there's Celery. The scene was set: Saturday, August the Bisons honored Celery with its own Bobble Head and thousands of fans came to Coca-Cola Field to cheer on their fan-favorite. It looked almost certain that Celery would end its two-plus year drought. But, alas...'The Shove" will forever go down as one the most memorable events in Buffalo sports history.

2014 went right down to the wire, but in a season where Chicken Wing was the first to reach the milestone 100th win, it also took home its third WCC Title by only one win over Atomic and Bleu Cheese....And Celery, poor Celery...its one more year of zeroes in the win column. Maybe, just maybe, 2015 is the year for Buffalo's favorite vegetable!


WCC Standings



Chicken Wing
2014 Wins


Atomic Wing
2014 Wins


Bleu Cheese
2014 Wins


2014 Wins

Career Wins: 116 Career Wins: 46 Career Wins: 92 Career Wins: 0

2011: Chicken Wing 41 wins, Bleu Cheese 26 wins, Celery 0 wins
2012: Chicken Wing 30 wins, Bleu Cheese 21 wins, Atomic Wing 10 wins, Celery 0 wins
2013: Bleu Cheese 25 wins, Chicken Wing 24 wins, Atomic Wing 16 wins, Celery 0 wins
2014: Chicken Wing 21 wins, Atomic Wing 20 wins, Bleu Cheese 20 wins, Celery 0 wins

WCC Characters

Chicken Wing

Height: 6'0" Calories: 120

Scouting Report
The main entree. The Chicken Wing dominates the field with a BBQ style that's big, bold and quick. Has many different recipes for success, racing out to early leads or his classic comeback. Has a saucy demeanor and sometimes can get a little 'crispy' after losses.

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Chicken Wing

Height: 5'11" Calories: 130

Scouting Report
You can count on the Atomic Wing to really heat up a race. Might not always be on the menu, but when Atomic comes to play, you know it'll pack a punch and leave you sweatin'. A twist on the classic wing, Atomic is dangerous and fantastic all in one.

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Chicken Wing

Height: 5'6" Calories: 80

Scouting Report
Bleu Cheese can absolutely smother the competition. With the mold of a champion, Bleu Cheese serves as a creamy rival to Chicken Wing. Uses a trademark spin to pull off upsets over the wings. Can sometimes "crumble" when winning

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Chicken Wing

Height: 6'4" Calories: 5

Scouting Report
The healthy option, Celery has a lean physique, but a stalky stride that hurts its speed. Celery can sometimes get big leads, only to fail in the 'crunch' Still looking for Win #1, Celery will also be good to the hearts of Bisons fans.

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