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Front Office Staff

Indians Front Office

Bruce Schumacher Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer (317) 532-6793 Bruce S Bruce Schumacher LinkedIn

Randy Lewandowski President & General Manager (317) 532-6796 Randy Lewandowski Randy Lewandowski LinkedIn

Cal Burleson Senior Vice President - Community Affairs (317) 269-3542 x262 Cal B  

Max B. Schumacher Chairman Emeritus (317) 269-3548    


Joel Zawacki Assistant General Manager - Corporate Sales & Marketing (317) 532-6935 Joel Zawacki Joel Zawacki LinkedIn

Charlie Henry Director of Communications (317) 532-6778 Charlie Henry Charlie Henry LinkedIn

Emily Hitchcock Community Relations Manager (317) 532-6928 Emily Hitchcock Emily Hitchcock LinkedIn

Cheyne Reiter Baseball Communications Manager (317) 532-6934 Cheyne Reiter Cheyne Reiter LinkedIn

Howard Kellman Voice of the Indians (317) 269-3542 x310 Howard Kellman Howard Kellman LinkedIn

Andrew Kappes Broadcaster (317) 269-3542 Andrew Kappes Andrew Kappes LinkedIn


Christina Toler Director of Corporate Sales (317) 532-6787 Christina Toler Christina Toler LinkedIn

Shelby Barrett Corporate Sales Account Executive (317) 532-6938 Shelby Barrett Shelby Barrett LinkedIn

Kylie Kinder Partnership Activation Manager (317) 532-6943 Kylie Iadicicco Kylie Iadicicco LinkedIn


Jessica Davis Graphic Designer (317) 269-2281 Jessica Davis Jessica Davis LinkedIn


Kim Stoebick Director of Marketing & Promotions (317) 532-6939 Kim Stoebick Kim Stoebick LinkedIn

Hayden Barnack Game Presentation & Promotions Manager (317) 532-6786 Hayden Barnack Hayden Barnack LinkedIn

Shayla Smith Digital Marketing Manager (317) 532-6940 Shayla Smith Shayla Smith LinkedIn

Alex Leachman Telecast & Production Coordinator (317) 532-6933 Alex Leachman


Mark Schumacher Director of Merchandise (317) 532-6783 Mark Schumacher  

Patrick Westrick Merchandise Manager (317) 269-3542 x247 Patrick Westrick Patrick Westrick LinkedIn


Joey Stevenson Director of Field Operations (317) 532-6780 Joey Stevenson Joey Stevenson LinkedIn

Adam Basinger Field Operations Manager (317) 532-6932 Adam Basinger  


Matt Guay Assistant General Manager - Tickets & Operations (317) 532-6784 Matt Guay Matt Guay LinkedIn


Brad Morris Senior Director of Business Operations (317) 532-6795 Brad Morris Brad Morris LinkedIn

Sarah McKinney Business Operations Coordinator (317) 269-3542 Sarah McKinney Sarah McKinney LinkedIn


Tim Hughes Senior Director of Facilities (317) 532-6779 Tim Hughes  

Allan Danehy Senior Facilities Manager (317) 532-6945 Allan Danehy Allan Danehy LinkedIn


Eddie Acheson Stadium Operations Coordinator (317)532-6937 x297 Eddie Acheson Eddie Acheson LinkedIn

Bob Martin Home Clubhouse Manager (317) 269-3542 x228    

Jeremy Martin Visiting Clubhouse Manager (317) 269-3542 x236    

Ricky Floyd Operations Support (317) 269-3542 x241    

Sandra Reaves Operations Support (317) 269-3542 x241    


Chad Bohm Director of Tickets - Sales & Services (317) 532-6789 Chad Bohm Chad Bohm LinkedIn

Kerry Vick Director of Tickets - Premium Services & Events (317) 532-6785 Kerry Vick Kerry Vick LinkedIn

Bryan Spisak Senior Ticket Services Manager & Internship Coordinator (317) 532-6944 Bryan Spisak Bryan Spisak LinkedIn

Ryan Barrett Senior Ticket Sales Account Executive (317) 532-6792 Ryan Barrett Ryan Barrett LinkedIn

Jonathan Howard Senior Ticket Sales Account Executive (317) 532-6941 Jonathan Howard Jonathan Howard LinkedIn

Garrett Rosh Senior Ticket Sales Account Executive (317) 532-6791 Garrett Rosh Garrett Rosh LinkedIn

Noelle Cook Ticket Sales Account Executive (317) 532-6794 Noelle Cook Noelle Cook LinkedIn

Ty Eaton Ticket Sales Account Executive (317) 532-6788 Ty Eaton Ty Eaton LinkedIn

Rebecca Spitzig Ticket Sales Account Executive (317) 532-6929 Rebecca Spitzig Ty Eaton LinkedIn

Cara Carrion Guest Relations Coordinator (317) 269-3542 Cara Carrion Cara Carrion LinkedIn

Kaylin Pellegrini Premium Services & Events Coordinator (317) 532-6797 Kaylin Pellegrini Kaylin Pellegrini LinkedIn


Blake Baker Baseball Communications Assistant (317) 269-3542 x373 Blake Baker  

Joshua Ball Stadium Operations Assistant (317) 269-3542 x371 Joshua Ball  

Ryan Berry Ticket Services Assistant (317) 269-3542 x377 Ryan Berry  

Matthew Buthman Merchandise Assistant (317) 269-3542 x376 Matthew Buthman  

Emily Cook Ticket Services Assistant (317) 269-3542 x272 Emily Cook  

David Diehl Ticket Services Assistant (317) 269-3542 x258 David Diehl  

Luke Dietz Ticket Services Assistant (317) 269-3542 x255 Luke Dietz  

Keller Elwood Field Operations Assistant      

Jordan Frazier Partnership Activation Assistant (317) 269-3542 x274 Jordan Frazier  

Josh Frazier Field Operations Assistant      

Sydney Glover Ticket Services Assistant (317) 269-3542 x308 Sydney Glover  

Steven Juarez Business Operations Assistant (317) 269-3542 x252 Steven Juarez  

Zach McDonald Community Relations Assistant (317) 269-3542 x295 Zach McDonald  

Shane Poling Stadium Operations Assistant (317) 269-3542 x276 Shane Poling  

Adam Roland Ticket Services Assistant (317) 269-3542 x277 Adam Roland  

Ailish Tinney Marketing Assistant (317) 269-3542 x300 Ailish Tinney  

Chris Scherrer ARAMARK General Manager (317) 693-0329 x24 Chris Scherrer Chris Scherrer LinkedIn


Bruce Schumacher Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer (317) 532-6793 Bruce Schumacher Bruce Schumacher LinkedIn

Alan R. Kimbell Vice Chairman & Treasurer      

Cal Burleson Senior Vice President - Community Affairs (317) 269-3542 x262 Cal Burleson  

Max B. Schumacher Chairman Emeritus (317) 269-3548    

Max W. Hittle Jr. Secretary      

Henry B. Blackwell Board Member      

Michael G. Browning Board Member      

Jim Devellano Board Member      

Theodore Engel Board Member      

Kent A. Lebherz Board Member      

Mary Y. Marsh Board Member      

John S. Myrland Board Member      

Milton O. Thompson Board Member