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Diamond Of Honor

You can be an enormous help and encouragement in the effort to improve Centene Stadium. A great number of people have helped to date, many donating more than once. Looking about, you can see the progress that has been made. Built in 1939, Great Falls' only stadium baseball field is still home to nearly 100 events, including the Voyagers' home schedule. Renovating a seventy-year old plus structure takes money that we have pursued through donations, grants, investments, and loans. All that has been accomplished belongs to the citizens of Great Falls as Centene Stadium is owned by the City, operated by local citizens for the benefit of all, and subsidized by the Voyagers. No local taxes go into operating Centene Stadium.

A lasting way you can participate in the ongoing stadium improvements is through the purchase of a brick for the Diamond of Honor. Bricks are available for either $150 or $350. With an inscription of your choice, each becomes a lasting memory and shows family, friends, business associates, baseball players, etc., you have joined in keeping Centene Stadium as a Great Falls center for whole family entertainment.