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Community All-Star: Jessica Waters


Fifteen-year-old Jessica Waters hasn't had an easy road. When she was just 11, Jessica was diagnosed with epilepsy, a neurological disorder marked by unprovoked seizures. Her initial reaction was anger and frustration as the doctor listed off all the activities in which Jessica would no longer be able to participate.

In the midst of this confusion and change in her life, Jessica was sponsored to go to Camp Flame Catcher, a specialty camp for children with epilepsy. She was able to participate in many of the activities banned by doctors because registered epilepsy neurologists were at the camp. She came home and knew she wanted to make a difference. That's when she started Cupcakes for Camp.

"I wanted to send other kids to camp because I wanted them to know that even though they have epilepsy, epilepsy doesn't have them," Jessica explained. "They can do everything that everyone else can; they just have to be a little more careful."

Jessica works with several local bakeries that generously donate cupcakes for her to sell at different events in the area. Thanks to this fundraising, Cupcakes for Camp has now sent five children to camp, and Jessica has a goal of sending five more children in 2013.

For her determination to raise awareness about epilepsy and desire to make a difference in the lives of children with the condition, Jessica has been selected as a Dragons Community All-Star. The Dragons Community All-Stars Program honors individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond to improve the quality of life in the Miami Valley.

The Dragons Community All-Stars Program is made possible by the generous support of Vectren. For more information on the program or to read about the All-Stars we have honored in 2013, visit To learn more about Cupcakes for Camp, visit