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Field of Dreams Experience


Bring your entire league out to Canal Park and participate in a ton of great activities including a pre-game parade around the field, be our Stars of Tomorrow and play catch in the outfield, and enjoy the Dream Team experience where you'll take the field with the RubberDucks players for the national anthem!

Terms of the agreement are five years and will fall under the rules, laws, and regulations of contractual agreements determined by the State of Ohio. Participating leagues will be required to host one "League Night/Day at Canal Park" per season during the duration of the contract.Leagues will be responsible for purchasing at least twice their enrollment size in tickets for their "League Night" (i.e. If your league has 300 players enrolled, your league will need to purchase a minimum of 600 tickets).

Field of Dreams Experience
Pricing: $3 per ticket for non-fireworks nights/$5 per ticket for fireworks nights
That's a savings of $6 and $4 respectively!
On their selected league night, each league will receive the following amenities at no additional cost (subject to availability and group size):
  • Pre-game parade for all league members and families
  • One (1) first pitch
  • One (1) Honorary Manager (accompanies RubberDucks Manager to umpire plate meeting to exchange lineup cards)
  • Dream Team (team will accompany RubberDucks players to their positions and stand with them during the National Anthem)
  • Stars of Tomorrow (team will play catch on the field prior to the game) - make sure they bring their gloves
  • One (1) Jr. P.A. (child will announce the RubberDucks players as they come to bat for a ½ inning)
  • One (1) Play Ball Call Person (child will officially start the game over Canal Park's PA system)
Looking to do some fundraising for your league as well? Participating leagues have the option to resell the tickets for up to the current adult gate price ($9.00 for the 2018 season)!

Other Benefits of the Field of Dreams Experience
Team Sponsorship Payments: Participating leagues will receive a payment of $250.00 each year from the RubberDucks for the purpose of team sponsorship during the duration of the contract.
Season Tickets: Participating leagues will receive an Akron RubberDucks season pass redeemable for two tickets for every RubberDucks home game. This pass is valued at
$1,050.00 and can be used by anyone associated with the league.
Lump Sum Payment*: Participating leagues may receive a "lump sum" cash donation at the end of their five year commitment.
*The amount of the donation will be directly related to the amount of tickets purchased during the duration of the contract.

Customers who want more information should contact their Ticket Sales Representative or call the RubberDucks Ticket Office at (330) 253-5151 or e-mail

Still have questions? Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Field of Dreams Experience.