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2014 All-Star Game


2014 California League / Carolina League All-Star Game
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
7:05 PM EDT
Daniel S. Frawley Stadium, Wilmington, Delaware

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Official All-Star Game Announcement Press Release


Blue Rocks & Bank of America To Donate $4 For Every All-Star Hitting Challenge Ticket




Waldrop Leads California League To 3-2 Win In California League/Carolina League All-Star Game


The 2014 California / Carolina All-Star Game pitted the top players of the Advanced-A California League against the top players of the Advanced-A Carolina League.




Bakersfield Blaze Duo And Team Spencer Victorious In California League/Carolina League Hitting Challenge




The 2014 California / Carolina All-Star Game Hitting Challenge showcased the top hitting talent of the California League against the top talent of the Carolina League in an East/West Showdown. A hitting skills challenge followed the All-Star Fan Fest on Monday, June 16th at Frawley Stadium. Following the hitting skills challenge, the Blue Rocks hosted the first ever in the history of professional baseball "Backwards" Home Run Derby. The leagues' top sluggers launched baseballs from center field into the stands behind where home plate usually resides!




For the first time in professional baseball history, the Blue Rocks hosted a "Backwards" Home Run Derby. The top sluggers of the California League and Carolina League launched baseballs from center field into the stands behind where home plate usually resides! Just like with the MLB Home Run Derby, fans were be able to catch and keep any balls hit into the stands as souvenirs!




Adding some star power to an already exciting event, the Blue Rocks announced that NBC10's Tim Furlong would join 93.7 WSTW's Spencer Graves in captaining the teams for the 2014 California / Carolina Hitting Challenge. Furlong captained the Carolina League, while Graves headed up the California squad. Graves and the California League finished with the most points after all hitters finished, and got bragging rights as the best slugging league in high-a baseball!


Official All-Star Game Hitting Challenge Announcement

Hitting Challenge Scoring System Announced







The Blue Rocks offered several premium Hospitality options for the 2014 California / Carolina All-Star Game. Click here for more information.




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The 2014 California / Carolina League All-Star Game Logo combines multiple elements to honor the rich tradition and history of the Blue Rocks, the city of Wilmington and the State of Delaware. It was carefully fashioned to tie all three together to achieve the goal of making the 2014 All-Star Game a celebration of the city, state and team hosting the game. The overall shape of the logo is a diamond, which alludes to Delaware's legendary nickname - "The Diamond State." Legend has it that Thomas Jefferson bestowed the nickname on Delaware because he described the state as a "jewel" amongst the other states due to its strategic location on the Eastern Seaboard - small in size, but large in importance. Additionally, the diamond shape reflects the shape of a baseball diamond. Stars are commonly used on all-star game logos, and this year's logo is no exception. The four stars included in the logo represent the four times, including this year, that the city of Wilmington has hosted an all-star Game. Found at the bottom of the logo is a silhouette of Caesar Rodney, amongst the most famous Delawareans, riding his horse. An integral part of the logo, it is evidence that the All-Star Game is truly a statewide celebration. A symbol so iconic to Delaware that it is seen on the state quarter since 1999, Caesar Rodney riding reflects on his famous overnight ride from Dover, Delaware, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to cast the deciding vote for the Declaration of Independence in the Continental Congress on July 2, 1776. A square in downtown Wilmington is named in Rodney's honor and contains a life-size statue of Rodney making his famous ride. Finally, the fonts used in the logo reflect the fonts used in the Blue Rocks logos and uniforms, to give the All-Star logo a distinct Wilmington Blue Rocks look and feel. The logo is a carefully crafted representation of the state, city and team hosting the 2014 California / Carolina All-Star Game.