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Greer Stadium

Herschel Greer Stadium opened in 1978 and hosted its first game on April 26, 1978 when the Nashville Sounds faced the Savannah Braves in a 12-4 victory. The 10,300-capacity stadium covers approximately 2.3 acres, while the entire site sits on 26.1 acres. Greer houses 18 luxury skyboxes, which are available for nightly rental.

The stadium was named for Herschel Lynn Greer, Sr. (1906-1976), a Dickson County resident and avid baseball fan. Mr. Greer was one of the organizers of the Vols, Inc., a corporation organized to keep baseball in Nashville. He served as the first president of the Nashville Vols.

Prior to the 1993 playing season, Greer Stadium added its most iconic feature: the guitar scoreboard. Stretching 60' wide and standing 53' tall, the 'big guitar' was manufactured by the Fairtron Corporation and was installed by Joslin Sign Company.

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