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Meet the Flying Squirrels Mascots


The Richmond Flying Squirrels are proud to have the most FUNN mascots in Minor League Baseball! Nutzy and his pal Nutasha enjoy helping fans have the best possible experience in and outside of The Diamond. From their 71 home games to over 400 community appearances each year, the Flying Squirrels mascots are friendly, outgoing and lots of FUNN!

Making a grand entrance in Richmond, the face of the Flying Squirrels franchise memorably arrived on February 11th, 2010 at a birthday party held at the historic Byrd Theatre. With confetti flying and the unrivaled cinematic score from the 1984 masterpiece "The Karate Kid" announcing his presence, Nutzy emerged from behind a slowly-rising curtain and silently announced his intention to protect The Diamond from stolen bases and those not deemed to be having enough Funn.

Nutzy has quickly become one of the most recognizable figures in the Richmond community, making hundreds of appearances throughout the city during the year. He of course continues to be a fixture at The Diamond, but is also a regular at area schools, charitable functions and anywhere else there is a need for a superhero!

On April 14 2016, Nutasha took the field for the first time, joining Nutzy in the Opening Day festivities. Nutahsa's name was selected by the fans after thousands of votes submitted through the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Below is the story of her travels.

- Once upon a time in a land unknown, there lived a little girl squirrel who loved the forest she called home. She would run through the leaves, climb all the trees, and fly to the tree tops for a view of the seas. She wore a flowing gray dress with a bright pink cape, and on her ear a perfect little bow, never bent out of shape. She was the fastest of the squirrels, winning first every race, yet the kindest of squirrels, everyone's favorite friendly face. She kept the FUNN in the forest as the nights turned to day, leading games and songs for the whole group to play. She was fearless and bold, always leading the way, from Virginia Mountain climbs to the Chesapeake Bay. She toured museums and restaurants through every dominion town, bringing happiness and FUNN while erasing every frown.

But as time passed by she soon grew sad, for you see Nutzy the squirrel was the job she wished she had. He kept the Diamond free from stolen bases, and brought smiles to so many Virginia faces. He kept the FUNN going strong even when the games went extra innings long. She wanted to play on the field, dance with the maids, throw out the t-shirts, and lead the parades. She dreamed one day she would get to meet Nutzy, but in order to do so she'd have to be gutsy. He was handsome and tall, loved and known by all, and although fearless and wise, she was much smaller in size. She was the superhero sidekick she knew he would need, but his team was full, so the job she could not seize. She'd be patient and wait, while perfecting her FUNN, and hoping for the day when the waiting would be done.

Then finally one day her dream came true, as Captain ARR VA sailed off into the blue. Nuzty needed some help, his team had a space, so she raced to the Diamond, to fill up that place. Nutzy knew at once she would fit on the team, she was fearless and FUNN and brought some big themes. Like Brunch anAt d Baseball and Bark in the Park, the new girl in town was leaving her mark.

There was only one problem with this new squirrel's fame, this poor girl squirrel didn't have a name. So Nutzy came up with a plan, and sent out a note encouraging all citizens to come down and vote. As the season grew closer and Opening Night drew near, Nutasha was the name you all chose to cheer. Our new squirrel in town is fast, fearless and FUNN and she's excited to see some games be won. With in game contests for all fans to play, Nutasha is ready for every game day.

Now Nutasha is settled, and her search can end, because as we all know, The Diamond is a girl's best friend. 

The Squirrels announced the retirement of popular mascots Parker the Rally Pig, Zinger the Acorn, Captain RRRVA and Victor the Viking prior to the start of the 2016 season. Parker retired and moved to a farm in Chester, VA. You can watch his departure here: