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Game Day Employment

2018 Hudson Valley Renegades Game-Day Employment

Job Fair

The Hudson Valley Renegades are now accepting applications for the 2018 season and Dutchess Stadium events. The Renegades are seeking candidates who are committed to customer service and dedicated to improving all aspects of the guest experiences. The organization currently has openings for seasonal team members in the following locations; food & beverage, stadium ushers, merchandise store, stadium recreation and positions at the front gate. Please be sure to list the area of our team that you see best fit. The Renegades are going to select the strongest candidate to join our team so please keep in mind that we may interview you for a position you did not specifically apply for. Thank you in advance for your interest in the Hudson Valley Renegades. We look forward to teaming up for a successful 2018 season!

To Apply: Please selected "Apply Now" to download the Game Day Employment application. Once completed, applications can be emailed to or dropped off in person at the Hudson Valley Renegades Front Office (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)


Stadium Usher:
The Stadium Ushers have a high visibility role and are counted on to help navigate and suggest key points to guests in Dutchess Stadium throughout the season. These roles are generally filled by staff with the highest levels of understanding of customer service. This team member's job duties will range between greeting new and familiar guests, total overall knowledge of Dutchess Stadium and club history, complete familiarity with seating sections in stadium, helping troubleshoot customer service issues and enhancing overall guest experience wherever possible. Interaction, anticipation and common sense are vital skills required for this role. The Stadium Usher will report to a full time staff member at the beginning of the shift and if any serious guest issues arise.


Front Gate (Ticket Takers and Bag Check):
These faces and personalities immediately set the pace and tone for our guests' experience. If it is a family's first visit to Dutchess Stadium or a guest we have known for 20 years, people are looking for our cues. Hello, How are you, Great to see you, Welcome to Dutchess Stadium, We're glad to see you again, We're so happy to see you and your family…. These should be familiar, genuine interactions and conversation exchanges in this vital role. However, this team member will face nightly challenges. Checking bags, patting down incoming guests and asking guests to return items to car or throw away items they originally thought they were going to be able to bring into the ballpark can be uncomfortable for everyone involved. Being able to anticipate these issues in advance without putting our guests on the defensive is crucial. Think hospitality. Think kindness. Think about how you would want your family welcomed to a ballpark. The duration of this job on a game night isn't long lasting BUT, it is vital and the work is concentrated. This team member reports to a full time staff member at the beginning of the shift and if any concerns arise.


Food & Beverage (Customer Service):
This is a Customer Service driven industry. It is vital to our success, as a company, that our guest services are impeccable. Team members who fill these positions or others that involve immediate fan interaction will be held to the highest standards. In these roles you will be required to greet each fan that approaches your work station with a sense of warmness and kindness that will encourage the guests to return. Patience and attention to detail are both imperative to providing the level guest service we require with the Renegades. You must be able to concentrate on the details of guest requests so we can provide the right product to them in a timely fashion. In this position, it is also inevitable that you will encounter a guest that has had an issue with their experience while at the ballpark. It is your job to stay calm and patient and help them with the highest level of guest service in mind. If it is a problem that you do not feel 100% comfortable solving, a supervisor or another full time Renegades staff member will be close at hand to assist.


Food & Beverage (Operations):
We have the unique, challenging and fun task of entertaining and servicing nearly 5,000 guests every night, over a relatively short period of time. In an effort to make this work effectively we must incorporate outstanding teamwork and communication. We service our guests from over 20 Points of Sale throughout the Stadium, each staffed with a team of employees working in different functions. It is crucial that all team members work together toward the common goals of serving the guests as promptly and efficiently as possible. A vital component of teamwork is proper communication; this involves communication between everyone including game day team members and management. If there is an issue, albeit a customer complaint, food issues or equipment malfunctions, you will let your supervisor know. We will address the issue and get it resolved as soon as possible.


Renegades Retail/Merchandise Team:
The Retail team members will have very visible and important roles here in the ballpark. We count on these integral staff members to show, feature, inform and accessorize all of the merchandise that we carry for men, women, boys and girls. This team member is counted on to have an inside and out knowledge of all the merchandise we sell in our store and a firm grasp on all aspects of hospitality (Hello how are you, Welcome, Did you see this new product and Thank you so much should be key phrases this team member has a firm grip on). These roles will be filled only by team members that exemplify a high level of understanding of common sense, product line and customer service. Game day responsibilities will range between greeting new and familiar guests, knowledge of pricing, maintaining high levels of professionalism, handling customer service issues and enhancing overall guest experience wherever possible. The Renegades Retail team members will report to a full time staff member at the beginning of the shift and if any serious issues arise.


Stadium Recreation Team:
This is a role that will be filled by a team member that can interact with adults and children alike. Our stadium recreation, in "Rascal's Clubhouse" and other areas as determined throughout the season, are high traffic areas within our ballpark once guests arrive. These areas are sometimes pre-reserved by families to supplement children's birthday parties at Dutchess Stadium or to enhance an already great evening at the ballpark. Very often a parent may trust us to keep a watchful eye on their most treasured possessions, their children. (This is not our job but, it can unexpectedly come with the territory) This is why attention to safety, anticipation, high energy and hospitality are key skills to fulfill this role successfully. This team member will report to a full time staff member at the beginning of the shift and if any serious situations arise.


For more information about 2018 Game-Day Employment opportunities, please contact the Hudson Valley Renegades Front Office at 845-838-0094.
The Hudson Valley Renegades, a member of the Goldklang Group (, whom owns and/or operates the St. Paul Saints, Charleston Riverdogs and the Pittsfield Suns. Hudson Valley Renegades Baseball is an equal opportunity employer.