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Bisons in IL Hall of Fame

International League Hall of Fame

International League Hall of Fame
The IL Hall of Fame

Created by the International League Baseball Writers' Association, the International League Hall of Fame originated on June 12, 1947 when nine former players, managers and League officials, including three Buffalo Bisons, were formally inducted into the Hall's first class.

From 1948 until 1960, a class of three individuals was inducted into the HOF every year. In 1961, '62 and '63, a class of one was inducted annually. For unknown reasons, no inductions were made between 1964 and 2006 and the roster of inductees remained at 51.

The International League Hall of Fame was formally revived in 2007 in preparation for the League's 125th Anniversary Celebration the following year. After three years of "transition" classes from 2008-2010, a maximum of three members have been inducted annually since 2011.

Curtain Call Statue
'Curtain Call' Statue

The International League Hall of Fame Plaque Display does not have a permanent home, but rather serves as a traveling testament to the League's most revered legends.

The display will make occasional appearances in parks throughout the International League, including during enshrinement ceremonies.

Since the IL Hall of Fame's revival in 2008, inducted members receive the 'Curtain Call' Statue as a tribute their accomplishments in the International League.

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Bisons in the IL Hall of Fame

There are 31 former Bisons in the International League Hall of Fame. The list includes the International League All-Time Home Run Ollie Carnegie, Bisons legend Luke Easter and former IL Triple Crown winner Frank "Pancho" Herrera. Next to each name is the year the individual was inducted into the IL Hall of Fame.

*CLICK ON EACH NAME below to pull up the players statistics and accomplishments while they were part of the International League.