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Community Aid 50/50 Raffle

Through the Community Aid 50/50 Raffle, one lucky fan will walk away a winner! Fans can purchase 50/50 tickets during every home game throughout the 2017 season from any one of our sellers, or at the kiosk located on the Main Concourse level. Ticket sales will begin when gates open and close at the end of the 7th inning. You can check the gross prize amount on the main scoreboard throughout the game. 50% of the proceeds will be given to one lucky winner, and the other to Community Aid. The winning number will be posted on the main scoreboard at the conclusion of the 8th inning. To claim prize, visit Freysinger Guest Services near the front gate or call 717-231-4444 for further instructions.

50/50 Raffle Kiosk Locations • Main Concourse Section: Near Section 201 •
Additional sellers can be found in and around the ballpark, in varying locations

Read The Official Rules Here





Game Winning Ticket # Winning Amount Prize Claimed
April 26 L-290037 $178 Yes
April 24 K-512032 $78 No
April 23 J-257242 $453 Yes
April 22 H-395476 $435 Yes
April 21 G-153073 $473 Yes
April 12 F-250647 $208 Yes
April 11 E-389009 $265 No
April 10 D-158916 $260 Yes
April 9 C-487325 $398 Yes
April 8 B-172080 $445 Yes
April 7 A-272298 $155 Yes