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Planet Fitness Royalty Race

Meet the Planet Fitness Royalty Racers! King Meck, Queen Charlotte, Jerry the Jester, and Good Knight Charlie!

Jerry the Jester

Twitter Handle: @JERRYtheJESTER

Height: 8' 7.345''

Favorite Activity: Luge

Favorite Actor: Adam Sandler

Favorite Game Show Host: Steve Harvey

Hates: Funny Hats

Favorite Holiday: April Fool's Day

The Jester has a real nose for the finish line and sees himself as the thoroughbred of the Royalty Racers. He finds it offensive when people remove the joker card from the playing deck. While humor comes naturally to the Jester, he is all business when it comes to his Charlotte Knights. Some of his other abilities besides racing include: juggling, story-telling, and knitting scarves. After racing, he enjoys his fair share of pick-up basketball games. His position - point guard.

Queen Charlotte

Twitter Handle: @TheCLTQueen

Height: 7' 7''

Favorite Song: We are the Champions

Favorite Vacation Spot: Queens, New York

Idol: Queen Elizabeth II

College: Queen's University of Charlotte

Favorite Chess Piece: The King

This dashing beauty has all the characteristics of a loving queen: compassion, elegance, and a love for her people (the Knights fans). Her hair unaffected by humidity, wind, and the sun while her cheeks are naturally rosy. Danny Ocean and the rest of the Ocean's 13 cast stole Willy Bank's diamonds to give to Queen Charlotte. It is customary to bow in her presence, although she will tell you it is unnecessary.

Born in Charlotte, she fell in love at an early age to the honorable King Meck.

King Meck

Twitter Handle: @TheKingMeck

Height: 8' 2''

Favorite County: Mecklenburg County

Nickname: Meck-Daddy

Favorite Pro Wrestler: Jerry "the King" Lawler

Favorite Hockey Team: Los Angeles Kings

Favorite Author: Stephen King

While he may look friendly, King Meck is a fierce competitor both on-and-off the field. He was once dared to shave, and his beard broke the razor. Superman began putting on his cape to emulate King Meck. He personally allowed LeBron James to use the term "King". The producers of Game of Thrones asked him to replace King Joffrey on the Iron Throne, but he declined.

When it came time to name the school district in the area, King Meck graciously allowed Queen Charlotte's name to be listed first.

He stands for justice, equality, and the pursuit of good baseball. King Meck will do anything to let the love his life, Queen Charlotte, win (well sometimes).

Good Knight Charlie

Twitter Handle: What's Twitter? 

Height: Still Growing

Best Friends: The Knights Who Say "Ni!"

Favorite TV Show: Knight Rider

Favorite Actor: David Hasselhoff

Favorite Slogan: "Don't Hassel The Hoff"

Favorite Movie: A Knight's Tale

Favorite Beverage: All Knight Long from Birdsong Brewery

Good Knight Charlie is the newest of the Planet Fitness Royalty Racers. Introduced after the "Original Three", Charlie is the most polished of the group. It's always a "Good Night" when this "Good Knight" races from start to finish. Even though Jerry is the jokester of the group, Charlie is known for a good joke or two. Why did the Knight cross the road? To get to the other castle, of course!