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Baseball Bring Us Together Finalists

Vote now for your favorite 'Baseball Brings Us Together' Fan story. These stories were selected from a group of entrants as a part of the RockHounds 2014 theme of how baseball brings people together. The winner will receive four reserved seats season tickets to the 2015 RockHounds season. The runner up will receive a personalized RockHounds jersey and third place will receive a 20 ticket vouchers that can be used for any 2015 RockHounds game. Voting ends Monday, August 18th and the winners will be announced on Saturday, August 23rd.


Lisa Gordon

The old saying baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet doesn't quite fit the Gordon family. We do love baseball, we drive a Mitsubishi, cherry and pecan pie is our favorites. We are not the Normal family based on many standards but we are our own version of Normal. We love God, spending time with each other, a good laugh and of course baseball.    From April 1st when baseball season opens until the last game is played life takes on a new meaning as we enjoy baseball season and all it has to offer. Living in west Texas in a booming economy has brought many changes to our family. Baseball is one of the "perks" we enjoy and look forward to. Due to busy work schedules and co-parenting a three year old grandchild, our schedules are full, full, full.    We are blessed to be season ticket holders which give us the opportunity to attend many games. From the time we drive into the parking lot our last good bye as we leave the stadium we enjoy being together. Living in Midland we have a beautiful ball park which is a great outdoor experience.    Security Park is one of the nicest Minor League parks we have ever seen. It offers beautiful fields, comfortable seating, great play ground areas and picnic areas for families. From the announcers to those facilitating the many activities throughout the game, entertainment is provided from beginning to end.    The players are All Heart as they take the field and do their best. Whether they win or lose they are a professional and entertaining ball team. It is so nice to see them rewarded when they do well and are moved up to a higher league.    From those who we see seated near us on a regular bases, the ushers, custodians, concession workers and of course the coaches and team we enjoy all being together for those few hours at each game. When family or friends come to visit a ball game is always on the list for entertainment.    With hectic lives, it's often difficult to take time and enjoy the people we care about and activities we enjoy. Baseball has become a way of life for us as we take time from our busy schedules and enjoy being together with family, friends, fans, workers, and community. 

Eddy Ohlenburg

My dad took me to baseball games in St. Louis and Chicago (when there were no majors west of the Mississippi River). Great times with a boy and his father. When I lived in Houston I took my two sons to the   Astros games buying "mini season" tickets. Saw Nolan Ryan throw a no hitter. Same great times with my sons. To complete the circle, I now take my grandson to the RockHounds games.    Great times and memories with family and baseball!!

Charles Litchford

How has baseball brought me together with someone important in my life. Well nothing seems more relaxing and invigorating at the same time than a baseball game. Nothing can make me more excited than to sit next to my beautiful wife Angie and watch our favorite team take the field for an evening of fun, laughter, excitement, the joy of a win and yes sometimes a little sadness after a loss. I love seeing her face light up with happiness during the game, and I love to hold her hand, share a jumbo dog & soda, playing the Bingo cards, and watching all the fans erupted in to a roar as the sound of a bat cracks loudly and a ball goes flying to the outfield. My children even get a joy watching Juice and Rocky running bases, playing at the playground, getting a signature from the players, and finally at the end of the game they get to run the bases. So Baseball in the Basin is our family's mini vacation full of love and fun.

Shelli Harrington

Where do I begin? Baseball has been our salvation, our respite, our "happy place"! Baseball has allowed me to share a passion with my sons and my brothers, as well as countless friends throughout the years. I have been a player (when I was little and the only girl in our league), a spectator (as a bat girl and fan), a board member for our little league organization, a coach, and most importantly the loudest, proudest, baseball mom in the stands! My boys and I connect on the field and off of the field through this inspirational game. Many life lessons have been learned through "striking out" and coming back to "knock it out of the park". Five years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer......It was in June and in the middle of baseball season. My boys were 12 and 7 at the time. Due to multiple surgeries and difficult treatment, my energy was sapped and I wasn't able to do as much for them or with them as I wanted. Our saving grace was watching baseball together. As soon as I was well enough, we attended Rockhounds games and Rangers games. It was the only thing in our world that made everything seem normal. Baseball is something that I know I will always share with my boys, no matter what and that brings me great comfort and joy now and for years to come!

Heather Knutson 

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to bring some of the children I come in contact with to several RockHounds ball games. I have taken my little while I was a big in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, a teen from my church's youth program, a special little girl from our church who is being raised by her grandmother, my 2 little brothers from the family that took me in when I had no one supporting me years ago...we were even able to bring some of their friends along who just needed to be a part of something and know they were loved. Some entered the on field games and were electrified by the fans cheering them on. Some just enjoyed watching the game and eating a hot dog. Some were mesmerized when the sky lit up with fireworks. Some were just happy to have a interest taken in them, someone who cared enough to devote an afternoon to focus on them. To get away from it all and enjoy a night at the ball park. I have grown closer to all of them and their families through the process. I want to thank the RockHounds for giving us in Midland a place to go and just have fun. I am better for it and happy to call the RockHounds my team!