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Flying Squirrels Charities

Flying Squirrels Charities


Flying Squirrels Charities Mission Statement

The Purpose: To Partner and connect the Flying Squirrels Brand with the Greater Richmond Community in an effort to optimize results from fun and versatile fundraising campaigns to benefit youth in the city of Richmond. The Initial focus of Flying Squirrels Charities has been deemed "Operation Renovation" an impactful community project designed to renovate 12 Richmond City youth baseball facilities. Operation Renovation is intended to create safe, community-minded spaces that are dedicated to Richmond's youth. For additional information or to make a donation please contact Megan Angstadt

The Phases and Goals of "Operation Renovation"

Phase 1 ($150,000) - Build 24 dugouts on 12 designated baseball fields in Richmond
Phase 2 ($175,000) - Improve these same playing fields
Phase 3 ($200,000) - Develop Henderson Complex into a Little League Complex including the concessions building
Phase 4 ($225,000) - Recover and renovate unused fields as demands dictate


The Initial 12 Fields For "Operation Renovation"

Battery Park - 2000 Fendall Ave
Bellemeade 1800 Lynhaven Ave
Bill Robinson - 701 N. 37th St.
Blackwell - 16th & Everett St
Calhoun - 436 Calhoun St.
Chandler - 201 E. Brookland Park Blvd.
Hotchkiss - 701 E. Brookland Park Blvd (2 fields)
Lucks Field - Rodgers & T St.
Powhatan - 5051 Northampton Ave.
Westover - 1301 Jahnke Rd. (2 fields)


Smooch-A-Pig Campaign

Smooch-A-Pig is the annual flagship fundraising campaign for Flying Squirrels Charities, held in conjunction with the Richmond City Parks and Recreation Department. The Smooch-A-Pig campaign began March 25th, 2014 and incorporates 10 Richmond celebrity candidates and community leaders in a variety of fundraising tactics. The objective of the campaign is to raise significant funds for "Operation Renovation", an impactful community project designed to renovate 12 Richmond City youth baseball facilities. The celebrity candidates campaign in an effort to raise funds from March 25th to July 17th. The "winner" (whoever raises the most money) smooches Parker the Rally Pig at home plate prior to a Flying Squirrels game. Smooch-A-Pig candidates are supported through online donations at Donors can select which candidates they wish to see smooch Parker the Rally Pig on the snout. The candidate who raises the most funds will indeed, Smooch-A-Pig. Each donation, regardless of which campaign it is counted towards, contributes directly towards Operation Renovation.