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Referral Program

Potomac Nationals Ticket Plan Holder Referral Program provides an opportunity for P-Nats fans to earn for getting their friends to join them for the excitement of P-Nats Baseball at Pfitzner Stadium.

If a current season ticket plan holder refers a new-for-2017 mini-plan holder (6 or 15 games), they will have their choice of either $25 off a P-Nats season ticket plan for the 2018 season or $25 in Bonus Dollars that can be used for concessions at The Pfitz or souvenirs at the National Mall Team Store.

If the season ticket plan holder refers a new-for-2017 half-season or full-season ticket holder, that value of either a 2018 season ticket plan discount or Bonus Dollars becomes $50!

The name of the season ticket plan holder who made the referral must be referenced by the new season ticket holder upon purchase of their 2017 season ticket plan. For more information, contact Chris Bentivegna at 703-590-2311 x225 or