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2014 Military Heroes Card Set Names

Listed below are the names of those included in the 2014 Military Heroes Baseball Card Set (P - posthumous, AD - active duty):

Aarhus, Ryan (AD)

Aarhus, Todd (AD)

Arthur, Robert J.

Atkinson, Kevin

Birky, Harold (P)

Bisek, Michael (Mike)

Brighi, Jordan (AD)

Bruner, James "Jim"

Bulger, Douglas Glen (AD)

Curran, Guy "Bud" (P)

Foss, Sgt. Aiden "Bud" (P)

Hajek, Bob (P)

Hammon, George

Hanson, Albert "Barney"

Hoskins, Blaine A. (P)

Hutton, James Robert

Kelly, Robert G. (P)

Kendrick, Sonia

King, Cheryl

King, Dale

Lage, Cmdr. Thomas D.

Musser, Troy

Nash, Richard Warren (P)

Pasker, Terryl L. "Terry" (P)

Peterson, Beth

Port, Arnold

Power, John

Price, Clyde A (P)

Primrose, Robert

Rinas, Bruno (P)

Snitker, Cpl. Curtis (P)

Sprengeler, Bob

Stutler, Joe

Torres, Frederick L. (AD)

Tyne, Donald

Tyne, Ronald

Vanscoy, Harold 

Welter, Jason

Whannel, Leroy


There are 39 heroes included in the 2014 set, and they represent every branch of the military, and honor those who are currently serving our country, those who are no longer serving, and those who bravely fought for our country, but have since passed away.

In addition, all heroes that were included in the card set that could make it to the game were recognized in a post-game ceremony on the field, along with family members, following the Kernels game on July 4th.