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Big Game Blitz


Are you ready for the Big Game between the Phildelphia Eagles and New England Patriots on Sunday, Feb. 4? We are, and would like you to share in the fun!

This week marks the 6th Annual Staten Island Yankees "Big Game Blitz" promotion for our fans -- the only place to get in on the excitement of the Big Game and win Staten Island Yankees tickets and autographed memorabilia!

Here's how it works:

Call 718-720-9265 to get your box number (1-100; first-come, first-serve basis). For only $45 per box, you get four (4) 2018 Staten Island Yankees ticket vouchers, plus the chance to win special prizes.

Here are the prizes you can win:

1st Quarter - Goose Gossage autographed baseball

2nd Quarter (Halftime) - Mason Williams autographed PlayBall program AND two (2) 2018 7-game plans

3rd Quarter - Hideki Matsui autographed baseball

4th Quarter (Final Score) - Robinson Cano autographed PlayBall program AND a Luxury Suite (food not included; Mon-Thu non-Brooklyn game)

Call our front office at 718-720-9265 to get your favorite "box" number. This is one of the most exciting promotions of the year for fans and staff both, so don't miss out!

Good luck!

**All prizes will include a letter of authenticity from the New York Yankees or Staten Island Yankees.

FAQ on Big Game Blitz:

Do I have to know anything about football?

  • No. Since the numbers are randomly drawn, everyone has the same opportunity to get any set of numbers. You don't need to know anything about football, just watch for the score at the end of each quarter of the game.

I bought a "box" - when do I receive any numbers?

  • You won't receive your numbers until all 100 squares have been sold. Then, the operator of the pool (Staten Island Yankees) will randomly pick numbers (0-9) and place them on the x- and y-axis of the grid. After the numbers have been drawn, you will receive your numbers and see the entire grid. This will be emailed to you.

I have a copy of the pool with numbers. How do I know what my numbers are?

  • There will be a team name on the top (or bottom) and a team name on the side. Look for your name on the grid and follow across and up to see your numbers. At the end of each quarter, you will observe the score of the game. Only look at the LAST digit of each team's score. This will determine the winner. For example: At the end of the first quarter, the score is Philadelphia- 10, New England- 7. The person who has Philadelphia- 0, New England- 7 will be the winner.

What if the game goes into overtime?

  • When a game goes into overtime, you would NOT have a winner for the 4th quarter. Instead, the FINAL score will be the winner of the game after overtime is complete.