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Fightins E-Ticket Fundraising Program

This is the newest and easiest way to raise money for your organization. No Deposit and No Risk! Just select a group outing date, tell us how many tickets you want, then we hold the tickets and email you a link. Next, you email the link to everyone you know and when they click the link they can purchase tickets to your game for $9 per ticket. After your game, your organization receives $2 back for every ticket purchased.  

HOW IT WORKS: Step by Step

  1. We email you a link and a group user ID/password to your tickets that you reserved
  2. You email the link and user ID/password to any potential group members
  3. The group member clicks the link and logs in using the provided group user ID/password.
  4. After logging in, the group member will see the tickets that were placed on hold and they will click on the ones they would like to purchase. Then he/she clicks "Confirm Selected Single Tickets."
  5. The next page that appears will list the E-Tickets that the group member selected. Then he/she clicks "Proceed to Checkout."
  6. The group member will be asked to sign into their existing account (if he/she purchased tickets online before) or he/she will have to create a new one. The remainder of the procedure is completed the same as a regular online ticket purchase. 
  7. Your organization receives $2 for every ticket purchased for your event via the link. A check will be made out to your organization within 5 business days after your event.  

Why Do A Fundraiser With The Fightin Phils?

  2. Easily raise hundreds of dollars simply by selling Fightin Phils Tickets electronically.
  3. Every email contact you have is a potential fundraising client for your organization.
  4. People you know are already coming to the games, why not get them to buy tickets through your organization and raise money?
  5. You can easily put the link on Facebook for all your friends to help fundraise.
  6. Instead of traditional fundraisers where you don't know how much money you are raising until people turn in their forms, we can tell you how much money you raised anytime or you can even check it yourself online.