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Peanut Allergy Awareness Night

Peanut Allergy Awareness

One could say that peanuts are one of the most-commonly associated foods with the game of baseball. After all, they are referenced in the beloved song,"Take Me Out to the Ballgame." But this popular snack fare keeps a growing number of families from attending and enjoying an Indians game. According to Food Allergy & Research Education the number of children in the U.S. with peanut allergies more than tripled between 1997 and 2008.

In an effort to draw awareness to this medical condition, Victory Field will suspend, for one night only, the sale of all products with ties to peanuts - peanuts, CRACKER JACK®, peanut M&Ms, and peanut-related ice cream toppings. The Indians staff will make every reasonable effort to thoroughly clean the stadium, but cannot guarantee complete absence of peanut particles or residue. Peanut products will also be disallowed in the lawn. Peanut Allergy Awareness Night will be held on the following night:

May 19