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Werner Park Firsts


First… Date Inn. Player Team Facing Team Notes
Pitch 4/16/11 1st Danny Duffy OMA Eric Farris NAS 7:11 p.m. / called strike
Strikeout 4/16/11 1st Danny Duffy OMA Eric Farris NAS Swinging
Hit-by-Pitch 4/16/11 1st Mat Gamel NAS Danny Duffy OMA Hit on 3-1 pitch
Base-hit 4/16/11 1st David Lough OMA Manny Parra NAS Infield single to 1B
Wild pitch 4/16/11 1st Manny Parra NAS Eric Hosmer OMA Advanced Lough to 2nd
Walk 4/16/11 1st Eric Hosmer OMA Manny Parra NAS  
Strike out the side 4/16/11 2nd Danny Duffy OMA (Nashville) NAS Duffy 4 K in a row
Stolen Base 4/16/11 3rd Chris Nowak NAS Danny Duffy OMA Stole second base
Double Play 4/16/11 3rd Mike Moustakas OMA Manny Parra NAS Unassisted DP (5)
Double 4/16/11 3rd David Lough OMA Manny Parra NAS Liner off RF wall
Outfield Assist 4/16/11 3rd Brett Carroll NAS David Lough OMA Putout 8-2
Run Scored 4/16/11 3rd Eric Hosmer OMA Manny Parra NAS on Moustakas 2B
Run Batted In 4/16/11 3rd Mike Moustakas OMA Manny Parra NAS drove in Hosmer
Triple 4/16/11 3rd Johnny Giavotella OMA Mark Defelice NAS drove in Moustakas
Error 4/16/11 7th Anderson Machado NAS Eric Hosmer OMA Throwing error, E-6
Win 4/16/11   Jesse Chavez OMA (Nashville)   Escaped jam in 8th
Loss 4/16/11   Manny Parra NAS (Omaha)   2 runs in 2.2 innings
Save 4/16/11   Louis Coleman OMA (Nashville)   Struck out side in 9th
Home Run 4/17/11 2nd Taylor Green NAS Vin Mazzaro OMA Solo to RF
Series win 4/18/11   Omaha   (Nashville)   3 games to 1
Shut out 4/19/11   Teaford/Chavez OMA (Memphis)   2-0 final
Home Team HR 4/20/11 3rd Mike Moustakas OMA Jason Buursma MEM 2-run homer to RF
Balk 4/22/11 4th Mike Montgomery OMA (Memphis)   Moved runner to 2nd
Series Sweep 4/22/11   Omaha   (Memphis)   4-0 sweep 4/19-22
Back-to-Back HR 4/28/11 5th Hosmer, Moustakas OMA J.R. Mathes IOW 1st career B-2-B
Blown Save 4/29/11 9th Luis Mendoza OMA (Iowa)   Marquez Smith 3-R HR
Ejection 5/8/11 6th Tony DeFrancesco OKC (Omaha)   Crazy Double Play
Grand Slam 5/11/11 2nd Lucas May OMA Tom Koehler NOLA To LF on 2-1 pitch
Walk-Off Win 5/24/11 11th Lance Zawadzki OMA Evan Scribner TUC Zawadzki scores on WP
Walk-Off Hit/HR 6/28/11 9th Kila Ka'aihue OMA Cory Rauschenberger MEM Grand Slam to RCF


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