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Spring Training Groups and Picnic Packages


2018 Prime Games

  • March 6th vs. Boston Red Sox
  • March 18th vs. Detroit Tigers
  • March 21st vs. Boston Red Sox
  • March 25th vs. New York Yankees

2018 Regular Games

  • February 23rd vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • February 26th vs. Toronto Blue Jays
  • February 27th vs. Baltimore Orioles
  • March 1st vs. Baltimore Orioles
  • March 2nd vs. Philadelphia Phillies
  • March 7th vs. Baltimore Orioles
  • March 9th vs. Minnesota Twins
  • March 11th vs. Minnesota Twins
  • March 15th vs. Minnesota Twins
  • March 23rd vs. Toronto Blue Jays


Spring Training Games begin at 1:05 p.m.