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Bisons in the Major Leagues

Bisons in the Major Leagues

Bisons players don't just move onto the Major Leagues as players. For many, their careers on the field in Buffalo are just a prelude to their long baseball careers after they hang up the cleats.

Did you know there is a former Bisons player or coach working in each of the 30 Major League organizations? All told, there are over 200 former Bisons working throughout baseball, including SEVEN Major League Managers. From big league coaches to minor league coordinators, here's a list of all the former Bisons in the game today (Bisons years in parenthesis).


Torey LovulloArizona Diamondbacks:
Mike Bell (1B, 1993 and Coach, 2005) -VP of Player Development
Junior Noboa (INF, 1984, 87, 94) -VP, Latin Operations
Josh Barfield (INF, 2008) -Assist. Director Pro Scouting
Jim Marshall (MGR 1986) Sr. Advisor/Pacific Rim Operations
Torey Lovullo (INF, 1995, 97-98, MGR, 2006-08) -Manager
Tim Laker (C, 2001-02, 06) -Assistant hitting Coach
Mike Lansing (INF, 2002) -Coach Triple-A Reno Aces
JR House (C, 2010) -Manager for Double-A Jackson

Atlanta Braves:
Jose Castro (INF, 1985) -Assistant Hitting Coach
Lee Elia (SS, 1962) -Senior Advisor Player Development
Jeff Datz (MNG 1998-1999) -Catching Coordinator
Dom Chiti (Pitching Coach 1995) -Director of Pitching
Reid Cornelius(P, 1996)-Pitching Coach Triple-A Gwinnett
John Moses (OF, 1991) -Hitting Coach of Triple-A Gwinnett
Luis Salazar (OF, 1979) -Manager of Double-A Mississippi

Baltimore Orioles:
Amanda Sarver - Digital Communications Coordinator
Einar Diaz (C 1997-98, 06) -Coach, Orioles
Brian Graham (Manager, 1995-97), Director of Player Development
Jeff Manto (INF, 1997-2000) -Minor League Hitting Coordinator
Ron Johnson (1B/DH, 1985) -Manager of Triple-A Norfolk
Sean Berry (INF, 2000) -Hitting Coach of Triple-A Norfolk
Blaine Beatty (P 1993) PC Single A Delmarva
Orlando Gomez (Manager, 1987) -Manager of Rookie GCL Orioles

Boston Red Sox:

John Farrell (P, 1987, 1995-1996) -Manager, Red Sox
Carl Willis (PC, 2001-2002) -Pitching Coach, Red Sox
Ruben Amaro Jr. (OF, 1995) -First Base Coach, Red Sox
Bob Kipper (P, 1990) -Pitching Coach of Triple-A Pawtucket
Steve Lyons (OF/3B, 1986)-TV Announcer

Chicago Cubs:
Tommy Hottovy (P, 2013) -Coordinator, Advance Scouting
Darnell McDonald (OF, 2005) -Mental Skills Coordinator
Dave Keller (Pitching Coach -1997-98) -Latin American Field Coordinator
Jim Brower (P, 1998-2000) -Minor League Pitching Coordinator
Dave Keller (Coach 1997-98) - Latin American Coordinator
Ron Villone (P, 1998) -Rehab Pitching Coordinator
Jacob Cruz (OF, 1998-1999) - Hitting Coach Double-A Tennessee
Terry Clark (P, 1997, PC 2004) -Pitching Couch of Double-A Tennessee
Jesus Feliciano (OF, 2009-2011) - Manager A-Ball Eugene
Carmelo Martinez (INF, 1995) -Manager of Rookie AZL Cubs
Jason Cooper (OF, 2004-09) -Special Assignment Scout

Chicago White Sox:
Ken Williams (OF, 1986) -Exec Vice President, White Sox
Bill Scherrer -Buffalo Native -Special Assistant
Tommy Thompson (INF, 1986) -Assistant Player Development
Daryl Boston (OF, 1985-86) -First Base Coach, White Sox
Nick Capra (2B 1986) - Third Base Coach
Greg Sparks (1B, 1991) -Assistant Hitting Coach
Bryan Little (OF, 1985-86, 88) -Major League Advance Scout
Chris Getz (2B, 2014) -Director of Player Development
Andy Tomberlin (OF, 1993, 2000) -Hitting Coach of Triple-A Charlotte
Steve McCatty (P, 1986) - Pitching Coach Triple A Charlotte

Cincinnati Reds:
Orlando Merced (OF, 1B, 3B, 1989-91) - Hitting Coach Rookie Ball Billings
Elmer Dessens (P, 2009-10) -Pitching Coach of Rookie AZL Reds

Cleveland Indians:
Sandy Alomar Jr. (C, 1999) -First Base Coach, Indians
Jason Bere (P, 2003, 05) -Bullpen Coach, Indians
Jeff Desjardins (Trainer, 2007-08) -Assistant Trainer, Indians
Travis Fryman (3B, 1999, 2001) - Advisor
Travis Hafner (1B, DH, 2003, 2008)- Special Assistant
David Wallace (C, 2002, 07) -Special Assistant
John McDonald (INF, 1999-2001) -Minor League Infield Coordinator
Steve Karsay (P, 1998, 2006) -Pitching Coach of Triple-A Columbus
Mark Budzinski (OF, 1999-01) -Manger of Double-A Akron
Anthony Medrano (INF, 2001-02) -Manager of Rookie AZL Indians
Curtis Danburg (Bisons Intern) -Senior Director of Communications
Jim Rosenhaus (Bisons Annoncer) -Radio Announcer
Rick Manning (NF native) -TV Announcer

Bud BlackColorado Rockies:
Bud Black (Pitching Coach, 1998) - Manager
Darryl Scott (P, 1996-97) -Pitching Coordinator
Mark Brewer (Pitching Coach, 2012) -Pitching Coach of Triple-A Albuquerque
Dave Burba (P, 2003) -Pitching Coach of Double-A Hartford
Scott Little (INF, OF 1988-91) -Manager of Single-A Boise
Doug Jones (P, 1987) -Pitching Coach of Rookie Ball-Grand Junction

Detroit Tigers:
Dan Lunetta (Bisons Front Office, 1985) -Director of Minor Leagues
Lloyd McClendon (OF, 1995) -Hitting Coach
Dave Clark (OF, 1984, 87, 92) -Third Base Coach, Tigers
Bruce Fields (Hitting Coach, 2006) -Roving Hitting Coordinator
Willie Blair (P, 2001) -Pitching Coach of Double-A Erie
Mike Hessman (INF, 2010) -Hitting Coach of Single-A West Michigan
Rod Allen (OF, 1987) -TV Announcer

Houston Astros:
Alex Cora (SS, 2009)-Bench Coach Astros
Morgan Ensberg (INF, 2008) -Manager A-Ball Tri-City
Mark Ross (P, 1990) - Scout

Kansas City Royals:
Tim Conroy (P, 1989) -Special Assistant to the GM
Rafael Belliard (INF, 1982) -Minor League Infield Coordinator
Tommy Gregg (OF, 1988) -Hitting Coach of Triple-A Omaha
Rex Hudler (INF, 1998) -TV Announcer

Los Angeles Angels:
Charles Nagy (P, 2000-2002) -Pitching Coach, Angels
Scott Radinsky (P, 2001, PC 2007-2008) -Bullpen Coach, Angels
Steve Soliz (C, 1997-1998) -Catching Coach, Angels
Jon Nunnally (Hitting Coach, 2013) - Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator)
Dave RobertsBuddy Carlyle (P, 2013) - Pitching Coach Double-A Mobile
Mike Koplove (P, 2007) -Major League Scout

Los Angeles Dodgers:
Dave Roberts (OF, 1998-2001) -Manager, Dodgers
Josh Bard (C, 2001-2004) -Bullpen Coach, Dodgers
Clayton McCullough (C, 2005) -Minor League Field Coordinator
Ryan Garko (C/1B, 2004-2006) -Manager of Double-A Tulsa
Shaun Larkin (INF, 2007) -Skills Development Coordinator
Jack Cressend (P, 2003-2004) -Pitching Crosschecker

Miami Marlins:
Mike Jacobs (1B, 2010) - Manager A-Ball Batavia

Milwaukee Brewers:
Lee Tunnell (P, 1981) -Bullpen Coach, Brewers
Mark Dewey (P, 1993) -Minor League Pitching Assistant
Craig Smajstrla (2B, 1987)-Scout

Minnesota Twins:
Mike Quade (OF, 1981) -Manager of Triple-A Rochester
Chad Allen (OF, 2002) -Hitting Coach of Triple-A Rochester
Stu Cliburn (P, 1979-81) -Pitching Coach of Triple-A Rochester

Terry CollinsNew York Mets
Terry Collins (Manager, 1989-91) -Manager, Mets
Dan Warthen (P, 1981) -Pitching Coach, Mets
Ricky Bones (Pitching Coach, 2009-11) -Bullpen Coach, Mets
Brian Chicklo (Trainer, 2009-10) -Assistant Trainer, Mets
Joe Golia (Trainer, 2011-2012)-Medical Coordinator
Tim Teufel (Manager, 2011) -Infield Coordinator
Benny Distefano (1B, 1988-89) -Minor League Outfield Coordinator
Jack Voigt (Hitting Coach, 2010) -Hitting Coach of Triple-A Las Vegas
Luis Natera (Hitting Coach, 2009) -Hitting Coach of Double-A Binghamton
Valentino Pascucci (INF, 2010-12) -Hitting Coach of Single-A St. Lucie
Luis Rivera (INF, 2009) -Manager of Rookie Kingsport

New York Yankees:
Tony Pena (C, 1979) -First Base Coach, Yankees
Al Pedrique (INF, 1988) -Manager of Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
Marc Bombard (Manager, 1992) -Player Development Consultant
Jay Bell (SS, 1987, 1989) - Manager A-Ball Tampa

Oakland Athletics:
Nick Paparesta (Trainer, 2003-04) -Head Trainer, Athletics
Don Schulze (P, 1987) -Pitching Coach of Double A Midland

Philadelphia Phillies:
Andy Abad (OF, 2005) -Minor League Outfield/Base Running Coordinator
Sal Rende (P/1B, 1983) -Coach of Triple-A Lehigh Valley
Dusty Wathan (C, 2003-05) -Manager of Triple-A Lehigh Valley
Pat Borders (C, 1999) -Manager of Single-A Williamsport
Dave Hollins (INF, 2000-01) -Special Assignment Scout

Pittsburgh Pirates:
Kevin Young (3B, 1991-1992, 94) -Special Assistant Baseball Operations
Tom Prince (C, 1988-92), -Bench Coach-Pirates
Todd Tomczyk (Trainer, 2005-06) -Head Trainer, Pirates
Brendon Huttmann (Strength Coach, 2004) -Sports Science Coordinator, Pirates
Wyatt Toregas (C, 2008) -Manager of Single-A West Virginia
Greg Brown (Radio Announcer) -Radio/TV Announcer
John Wehner (3B, 1991-1994) -Radio/TV Announcer

St. Louis Cardinals:
David Bell (INF, 1995) -Bench Coach, Cardinals
Blaise Ilsley (P, 1997) -Bullpen Coach, Cardinals
George Greer (Hitting Coach, 2012) -Minor League Offensive Strategist Coordinator
Dann Bilardello (C, 1989-90) -Manager of Single A Palm Beach
Jim Malone (Strength Coach) -Athletic Development Coordinator

Andy GreenSan Diego Padres:
Andy Green (INF, 2009-2010) -Manager, Padres
Ramon Vasquez (INF, 2005)- Coach Padres
Raul Gonzalez (OF, 2004) - Hitting Coach Rookie Ball Arizona
Moises Alou (OF, 1990) -Special Assistant Player Development

San Francisco Giants:
Ron Wotus (INF, 1982) -Bench Coach, Giants
Steve Kline (P, 1997) -Pitching Coach of Double-A Richmond
Todd Linden (OF, 2008) -Hitting Coach of Single-A San Jose
Jolbert Cabrera (SS, 1998-2000) - Manager A-Ball Salem Keizer

Seattle Mariners:
Casey Candaele (INF, 1995-1997) -First Base Coach, Mariners
Pat Listach (INF, INF, 1997-98) -Manager of Triple-A Tacoma
Joe Bohringer (Front Office) -Special Assistant to the GM

Tampa Bay Rays:
Jeremy Sowers (P, 2006-08) Assistant Major League Operations
Jim Hickey (P, 1985) -Pitching Coach, Rays
Skeeter Barnes (INF, 1988) -Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator
Dick Bosman (P, 1969) -Pitching Coordinator
Steve Henderson (1B/OF, 1986,1989) Hitting Coordinator
Dave Myers (Hitting Coach, 2007-08) -Major League Scout
Kyle Snyder (P, 2009) -Pitching Coach of Triple-A Durham
Joe Szekely (C, 1990) -Hitting Coach of Single-A Bowling Green
Danny Sheaffer (C, 1990) -Manager of Rookie Princeton
Brian Anderson (P, 1996-1997) -TV Announcer

Jeff BanisterTexas Rangers:
Jeff Banister (C, 1990-91) -Manager, Rangers
Tony Beasley (INF, 1993) -Third Base Coach, Rangers
Greg Hibbard (PC, 2006) -Pitching Coach of Triple-A Round Rock
Brian Shouse (P,1993-1994) -Pitching Coach of Double-A Frisco
Brian Sikorski (P, 2007) -MLB Scout
Vinny Rottino (OF, 2012) - Scout
C.J. Nitkowski (P, 2012)-TV Announcer

Toronto Blue Jays:
Tim Leiper (3B/OF, 1993-94) -First Base Coach, Blue Jays
Alex Andreopoulos (C, 2001) -Bullpen Catcher, Blue Jays
Eric Wedge (MGR, 2001-2002) -Field Coordinator
Donovan Santas (Strength Coach, 2001) -Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
Bobby Meacham (INF, 1989) -Manager of Triple-A Buffalo
Gary Allenson (MGR 2014-2016) - Manager Double-A New Hampshire
Luis Hurtado (Coach 2016)-Manager Rookie Ball
Randy Kramer (P, 1988-90) -Pro Scout

Washington Nationals
Tommy Shields (INF, 1990) -Minor League Field Coordinator
Spin Williams (Pitching Coach, 1992) -Senior Advisor, Player Development
Tim Redding (P, 2009) -Pitching Coach of Single-A Auburn
Michael Barrett (C, 2010) -Catching Coordinator
Sandy Martinez (C, 2004) -Manager of Rookie DSL Nationals
Marty Brown (MGR 2003-2005, 2013) -Coordinator Pacific Rim