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Turn 2 For Recovery



Tufts Health Freedom Plan and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats have partnered to help support HOPE for New Hampshire Recovery, a non-profit created to help support addiction recovery in all communities across New Hampshire, in the Turn 2 for Recovery promotion. Each time your Fisher Cats turn a double play, Tufts Health Freedom Plan will make a donation to HOPE for New Hampshire Recovery. At the end of the Fisher Cats season, there will be an on-field check presentation that will take place before the start of the game.  


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Show your support and come out to the game and cheer on your Fisher Cats to 'Turn 2 for Recovery'!

About Tufts Health Freedom Plan:

A Fresh Approach to Health Care

New Hampshire's premier partnership of leading health systems, Granite Health, has joined forces with Tufts Health Plan-one of the top ranked health plans in the country*-to bring you Tufts
Health Freedom Plan. 

Designed with a shared vision of delivering the highest quality of care at a more affordable cost, Tufts Health Freedom Plan offers an idea that makes sense-groundbreaking collaboration
between providers and insurers that results in better care coordination and health outcomes. Backed by outstanding customer service, it's a health plan that feels right and works for you
and your employees, providing choice and access to top quality physicians across New Hampshire and the surrounding states. 

* Tufts Health Plan was rated 5 out of 5 among health insurance plans in NCQA's Private Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2015-2016. 

Why Choose Tufts Health Freedom Plan?

Our innovative partnership offers:
BETTER coordination of care
BETTER outcomes and increased efficiency
BETTER control of administrative costs
Plus, when you team up with us, you're getting our unparalleled commitment to service. Together, we can do great things! 

We invite you to learn more at

About HOPE for NH Recovery:

Hope for NH Recovery believes in Peer Based Recovery Support Services (PRSS). We promote the recovery center concept that mobilizes individuals and resources - both within and outside of the recovery community. The objective is to increase the prevalence and quality of long term recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Our goal is for the New Hampshire recovery community to become a powerful voice in the substance abuse disorder conversation.

We envision a day when the public and policymakers will accord individuals and families affected by addiction with greater respect. We are working to ensure that those suffering from addiction will receive respectful, nondiscriminatory care on the same basis as people with other health conditions.

Hope for NH Recovery believes that all individuals suffering from addiction have the ability to recover. With this affirmation in mind, we:

  • Provide recovery support services, including telephone support, recovery coaching, and community recovery center support.
  • Empower our members by providing resources, training and skill development.
  • Offer peer recovery support services and community social events.
  • Celebrate recovery and provide support for continued success.
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