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Media Information and Guidelines


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CONTACT INFORMATION: All media requests and questions should be addressed to: Brett Gleason, Media and Communications Manager, (253) 722-2027,


MEDIA CREDENTIALS: 2018 Tacoma Rainiers media credentials will be issued only to accredited members of the media. Season credentials will be issued only to legitimate news gathering organizations that cover the Rainiers on a daily basis. To apply for season media credentials, please complete the form linked HERE. The Rainiers will be very selective in issuing season credentials to online-only publications; however, those denied may apply for daily credentials. 

Daily credentials will be issued to those individuals or organizations who do not qualify for season credentials, including freelance writers, most bloggers and reporters for weekly/monthly shows and publications. Daily credentials will also be issued to radio and TV stations when the need arises for extra pre/postgame personnel and to newspaper reporters providing extra coverage. Once a daily credential request is approved and on file, the Rainiers require at least a 24-hour notice for all daily credential requests. All weekend requests should be made by 3 p.m. on the Thursday prior. 

Daily credential requests can be applied for online by clicking HERE. Under no circumstances are media credentials to be transferred from person to person without the expressed permission and approval of the Tacoma Rainiers communications department. Violation of this policy may result in the informing of the Pacific Coast League office, dismissal of the media member from Cheney Stadium and confiscation of the violator's media credential.


MEDIA CREDENTIAL PICKUP: Upon approval of credential request, media members may pick up daily credentials at the Cheney Stadium Box Office Will Call window during normal business hours or beginning at 10 a.m. on day of game. A valid photo ID will be required upon pickup. Any special pickup requests should be sent via email to


PARKING: There will be a limited number of media parking spots made available for every Rainiers game. All media members with credentials for a given game will have their names placed on a parking list. Those picking up daily credentials will have their names added to the parking list only if they have provided a 24-hour notice. 


PRESS BOX: The press box is located along the third base side of Cheney Stadium on the ballpark's second level, and opens three hours prior to first pitch. It is a working press box for WORKING MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA ONLY. Due to space limitations, there is always a possibility that credentialed media will not be stationed in the press box but at an auxiliary area. The Rainiers have wireless internet access available for those in the press box as well as those assigned to the auxiliary area. Rosters, lineups, game notes and team statistics will be available in the press box two hours prior to the scheduled game time.


CLUBHOUSE ACCESS: Only properly credentialed media members may gain access to the clubhouse. Both the Rainiers and visiting team clubhouses are located on field level. The home dugout is located on the third-base side and the visitors' dugout along the first-base side. MEDIA MEMBERS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE TRAINING ROOM OR EQUIPMENT ROOM AT ANY TIME. In accordance with the regulations designated by Major League Baseball, the clubhouse is open to properly credentialed media members 3-1/2 hours prior to the start of the game and closes an hour prior to the game. The clubhouse areas are also closed when the teams are on the field, unless previously approved by the Rainiers. Following the game, the clubhouse will open approximately 10 minutes following the final out. Access is prohibited between games of a doubleheader and during rain delays. Cell phone use by the media is prohibited inside team clubhouses, unless previously approved by the Rainiers. Visiting clubhouse policy will be dictated by the visiting team. The umpire's dressing room is off-limits to the media.


FIELD ACCESS: Appropriately credentialed media are permitted access to the field and dugout areas, but are required to stay on the warning track, particularly when the team is taking batting practice. Media must leave the field and dugout areas no later than one 30 minutes prior to game time.


RESTRICTED ACCESS AREAS: Credentialed media are permitted all throughout Cheney Stadium, with a few exceptions listed below.

  • Dugout Club: Only ticketed fans with Dugout Club tickets are allowed access to the Dugout Club dining room, bar, and seating area. Media photographers are not permitted in Dugout Club seating area during the game. Food and drink provided in the Dugout Club dining room are stictly limited to ticketed fans, and not credentialed media.
  • Rainiers Offices: Access to the Tacoma Rainiers front office, located on the second floor of Cheney Stadium behind home plate, is permitted only with an employee host.

Violation of this policy will result in the dismissal of the media member from Cheney Stadium and confiscation of the violator's media credential(s).


MEDIA GUIDES: Available upon request. Rainiers media guides can also be obtained in the Cheney Stadium press box.


GAME NOTES, AND STATISTICS: Rainiers game notes and statistics will be made available in the press box prior to the start of the game. To receive games notes in your inbox daily, please email Media and Communications Manager Brett Gleason at


MEDIA INTERVIEWS: Rainiers players and coaches can be made available for interviews prior to on-field stretching and following batting practice. Interviews cannot be conducted during batting practice. Media members wishing to do an off-site interview or a feature story should contact the Rainiers no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled interview time. The media is asked to be respectful of the players' pre-game schedule when requesting an interview. No one will be permitted to interview starting pitchers pre-game on the day of their start.


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Still photographers are allowed access to photo wells located at the end of each dugout. Photographers must request usage 24-hours in advance using the guidelines outlined under Media Credentials above. Photographers are not permitted in the actual dugout area or on the field once the game begins. Please wait until the end of the inning to move to or from these areas. All photographers must have credentials showing at all times, and must take every precaution to not impede the views of ticketed fans.


USE OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Media outlets needing use of Rainiers photography may contact the communications department at (253) 722-2027 or via email at Accredited media members may use Rainiers photographs for non-endorsement projects only. 


BRAND GUIDELINES: As part of a rebranding initiative introduced prior to the 2015 season, the Rainiers now feature new primary and secondary logos required for all collateral used in support of the team. Any collateral utilizing the now-defunct "compass" or any other logo previously promoted by the franchise should be replaced with items included within the new logo set outlined here.


OFFICIAL LOGO SET: The "Rainiers" script now serves as the team's primary logo, and the standalone "R" operates as the team's secondary logo. For high-res or vector logo files, please contact the communications department via email at


AUTOGRAPH POLICY: Under no circumstances are credentialed media members permitted to seek autographs, personal photographs, baseball, bats, etc. on the field of play or in either clubhouse. Violation of this policy will result in the dismissal of the media member from Cheney Stadium and confiscation of the violator's media credential(s).


CAMERAS IN THE CLUBHOUSE: Videographers are permitted in the Rainiers clubhouse following the game only, and must be accompanied by a reporter. Still photography is not permitted clubhouse access at any time.





















*Updated 01/03/2018