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Business Plus Partial Plan

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The 2018 Business Plus Membership Plan is an 18-game package that is perfect for business networking and after hours entertaining. This plan includes opening day, 4th of July, and a combo of Monday-Tuesday-and-Wednesday games.

Sounds membership plans offer savings on individual game day prices, member benefits and rewards, flexible ticket exchange policy and convenient online management.

Sounds Baseball. Sounds Good.

Business Plus Plan Game Dates (18 Games)
April 10 Tuesday TBD Iowa   June 11 Monday TBD Tacoma
April 16 Monday TBD Omaha   July 4 Wednesday TBD Iowa
April 25 Wednesday TBD New Orleans   July 16 Monday TBD Omaha
May 7 Monday TBD Memphis   July 18 Wednesday TBD Omaha
May 9 Wednesday TBD Colorado Springs   August 1 Wednesday TBD Fresno
May 21 Monday TBD Colorado Springs   August 7 Tuesday TBD Sacramento
May 23 Wednesday TBD Colorado Springs   August 13 Monday TBD Round Rock
May 29 Tuesday TBD Oklahoma City   August 15 Wednesday TBD Round Rock
June 5 Tuesday TBD Reno   September 3 Monday TBD Memphis

Business Plus Membership Plan Prices

First Tennessee Park Seat Type


Season Tickets

club yellow Club

201-203, 214-216


blue premium Premium



dugout orange Dugout

106-111, 116-120


select navy Select

105-107, 119-121



ADA accessible areas are located in sections 102, 106, 107, 115, 119, 120 and 206. Click for map.