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2017 Family & Friends Pack

The brand-new Family & Friends Pack includes 6 Right Field TruGreen Bluff tickets to 59 Sunday-Friday games at AutoZone Park during the 2017 regular season -- you pay less than 85 cents per ticket!


The Family & Friends Pack is 354 tickets for just $299. It's a $3,186 value!

You receive 6 tickets to 59 Sunday-Friday games (excluding the Cardinals exhibition game on 3/30, 5/28 and 7/3). Not 6 tickets for 1 game... not 6 tickets for 2 games... 6 tickets for 59 Sunday-Friday games! You are paying less than 85 cents per ticket!

You will receive 6 personalized Members Cards with all of the tickets pre-loaded, so you don't have to worry about paper tickets for 59 games. Each card represents one of your 6 seats that come in the Family & Friends Pack. If you lose a card, the replacement cost is $5.

Your tickets are in the general admission Right Field TruGreen Bluff. The Family & Friends Pack is the newest, most flexible way to bring your family or a group of friends to AutoZone Park and catch 59 GAMES!

With this, you will also receive EXCLUSIVE email offers and opportunities throughout the season!

Can't make it to a game? Transfer your tickets to family and friends without having to give out your Member Card!