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Season Members Portal

Welcome to the Memphis Redbirds Season Members page! Here you will find everything you need to make accessing, printing, transferring, and exchanging your season tickets as easy as possible.










Am I a Season Ticket Member?
Season Ticket Members are all Redbirds fans who have purchased a full, half or quarter-season membership for the current season.

How do I log in to my TicketReturn account?
You can access your account on There is a space to enter your login information at the top of the page. If you aren't able to find your account, follow the "help me find my account" prompt below the login box and follow the onscreen prompts. If you haven't yet created login information for your account, you are able to do so under the login box. You will need to answer either a security question or have the first six digits of a barcode number from any of your tickets to create your login. For a step by step guide visit "Access Your TicketReturn Account." If the problem persists, contact the Season Membership Department at (901) 721-6000.

What time do the gates open for Season Ticket Members?*
Season Ticket Members receive entrance 15 minutes earlier than the general public via the Monroe Gate located on the west side of the ballpark next to the Toyota Parking Garage. Gates open for Season Ticket Members one hour and 15 minutes in advance for Sunday-Friday games and one hour and 45 minutes prior to Saturday games.

I lost my tickets or Membership Card. What can I do?
If you have lost your tickets or Membership Card, no need to fear! Be sure to contact the Season Membership Department at (901) 721-6000 to report the problem. Tickets can then be left at Will Call for the night you have lost or until you receive a new Membership Card!

For which games can I exchange my tickets?**
The Memphis Redbirds ticket exchange policy is as follows: you may exchange any Sunday-Friday game in your package for any future Sunday-Friday game throughout the season. Saturday tickets in your package may be exchanged for future Saturday games. You may also exchange Saturday tickets for Sunday-Friday games. The July 3rd game does not allow exchanges in or out of that game. Tickets for games in which you are not attending MUST be exchanged 24 hours prior to scheduled first pitch.

I missed a game. Is there anything I can do with those tickets?**
The Memphis Redbirds hold multiple amnesty nights throughout the month of August. The 2017 amnesty dates are August 7-10, 15-17, 20-22, and 28-31. Contact the Season Membership Department at (901) 721-6000 to reserve your amnesty tickets. For more questions on the Amnesty Ticket policy, visit:

How do I participate in Season Ticket Member experiences?
Contact the Season Membership Department at (901) 721-6000 for more information on upcoming benefit experiences and how you can sign up!

What are the benefits in my package?
All Memphis Redbirds Season Ticket Members have access to the best games and multiple unique experiences throughout the season. For a full list of benefits, head to or contact the Season Membership Department at (901) 721-6000.

How can I become a Redbirds Season Ticket Member?
Memberships are still available for 2017. For pricing and seating information, call (901) 721-6000. Information for the 2018 season will be released soon!

Why haven't I heard from the Season Ticket Membership Department since I purchased my tickets?
If you are not receiving emails with important information before and throughout each Redbirds homestand, make sure your email address is updated in your TicketReturn Account, or contact the Season Membership Department at (901) 721-6000 to update your account.

Why can't I see my tickets in my TicketReturn Account?
There are two potential reasons you are not able to see your 2017 Tickets.
1. If you are on a payment plan with a balance due, you will not be able to manage your tickets. Contact the Season Membership Department at (901) 721-6000 to exchange and transfer tickets. Transferred tickets with a balance due will be left at Will Call.
2. It is possible you have multiple TicketReturn accounts. To find the correct login information for the account holding your tickets, contact the Season Membership Department at (901) 721-6000.

* gate times remain the same throughout the season unless otherwise notified. Gate times and scheduled game times are subject to change.
** exchange policy and amnesty nights are reserved for Season Ticket Members. To become a Season Ticket Member, call (901) 721-6000.