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9 is just right

You'd be surprised… our most popular ticket package isn't our full season memberships. For most families and fans, 9 games is just right.

By Matt Slatus
General Manager

Growing up, my mom would always read me Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You remember that fairytale, right?

In the fairytale, Goldilocks eats from three bowls of porridge. One's too hot, one's too cold and one's just right. That's how I look at our season seat memberships. In your case, the full and half season seat memberships might be a bit too much.

That's why we created our 9 game season seat membership plans. 9 games is just right.



Mon., June 19 - 7:05 PM
Opening Night, Cameron Hughes
& Fireworks

Wed., July 5 - 7:05 PM

Fri., July 7 - 7:05 PM

Sat., July 22 - 6:05 PM

Sun., July 30 - 5:35 PM

Tue., Aug. 8 - 7:05 PM

Thu., Aug. 10 - 11:05 AM

Wed., Aug. 23 - 7:05 PM

Wed., Aug. 30 - 7:05 PM



Wed., June 28 - 7:05 PM

Tue., July 4 - 6:05 PM
Stars & Stripes Celebration
& Fireworks

Sat., July 8 - 6:05 PM

Fri., July 14 - 7:05 PM
Dynamo Dogs & Fireworks

Thu., July 27 - 7:05 PM

Mon., July 31 - 7:05 PM

Tue., Aug. 22 - 7:05 PM

Mon., Aug. 28 - 7:05 PM

Sun., Sep. 3 - 5:35 PM


Tue., June 20 - 7:05 PM

Fri., June 30 - 7:05 PM
Military Appreciation & Fireworks

Thu., July 6 - 7:05 PM

Sun., July 16 - 5:35 PM

Fri., July 21 -7:05 PM
Christmas in July, Fur Circus
& Fireworks

Sat., July 29 - 6:05 PM:

Wed., Aug. 9 - 7:05 PM
Jewish Heritage Night

Thu., Aug. 24 - 7:05 PM

Tue., Sep. 5 - 7:05 PM
Fan Appreciation Day



Thu., June 29 - 7:05 PM

Sun., July 9 - 5:35 PM
Super Hero Night

Thu., July 20 - 7:05 PM

Fri., July 28 - 7:05 PM

Tue., August 1 - 7:05 PM

Fri., Aug. 11 - 7:05 PM
Steamed Crabs Game & Fireworks

Sun., Aug. 13 - 5:35 PM

Tue., Aug. 29 - 7:05 PM

Mon., Sep. 4 - 1:05 PM


Here's what's included in each of our 9 game season seat memberships:


  • 9 IronBirds games. On average, that's about one game each week. This leaves you plenty of time to visit Orioles Park during its 25th anniversary season, hit the beach or grill out with friends and family.
  • Cool swag. Many teams give gifts away to fans as they enter the stadium. The IronBirds do things differently. Only season seat members receive gifts from the IronBirds. The 9 game season seat will receive two gifts in 2017. We don't sell these gifts at The Hangar, they're exclusive to our season seat members, but if we did, each gift would retail for about $25. You get two completely FREE!
  • Your Future Baltimore Orioles. At IronBirds games, you'll see future Orioles before they're famous and in The Show. Manny Machado and Kevin Gausman both star at Camden Yards these days. Before they were Orioles, they were IronBirds. Imagine if you had seen them play up-close at our intimate ballpark in Aberdeen.
  • Exclusive access. In 2017, big IronBirds games will be completely sold-out. Season seat members are guaranteed their seats to all sold-out games.
  • Private access. All of our Season Seat Members have access to a personal account manager. Need to purchase an extra ticket to a big game? Don't sweat it; just call your account manager and they'll take care of all the details. Want to post a 'Happy Birthday' message to your spouse on our GIGANTIC in-stadium video board? That's what your account manager is there for. We'll take care of making your spouse happy so you've got nothing to worry about.
  • So many unique perks. I'd need two pages just to list them all out. Season seat members receive perks like early access to the ballpark and much, much more. For a full list of perks, click here.

    9 game season seat memberships start at just a few dollars per game and there are only two ways to purchase. To purchase online, click here:

Or, call our offices at 410-297-9292 and ask to speak with an account manager.

See you at the ballpark all summer long. I'll be there every day… but you don't have to… 9 games is just right!