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The Dash of Everything Podcast takes you inside the clubhouse! 

You can subscribe to the free Dash of Everything Podcast by clicking here. We encourage fans to send us questions to We will answer some fan-submitted questions on the podcast.


Episode 14 (Bernardo Flores) - August 17, 2017
More on the promotions of Zack Collins and Eloy Jimenez (0:00); The next steps for the Dash without Zack and Eloy (7:00); Bernardo Flores interview (11:45); Where he developed his work ethic at (15:30); Bernardo the baseball historian (23:00); Quick-hitters with Bernardo (35:00); How to top In-n-Out (41:00); The Minor League report with Ira (47:00); Myrtle Beach broadcaster Scott Kornberg joins the show to tell stories about Eloy Jimenez (49:00)

Episode 13 (Eloy Jimenez) - August 7, 2017
Our conversation with Eloy Jimenez (2:00); An amazing story from Eloy's first two plate appearances (2:45); What he misses about the Dominican Republic (6:30); Eloy on doing karate (9:00); His emotions after signing his first professional contract (10:45); Charlie Poe and Jameson Fisher on Eloy (16:00); More on the Dash's roster transformation (24:00); The Minor League Report returns with Ira (29:00); The guys share the best baseball games they have ever attended (32:00); An amazing old clip from Joe and Brian in 2016 (46:15).

Episode 12 (Mike Morrison) - July 21, 2017
Why the Dash may hold the key to the future for the White Sox (0:00); More on Zack Collins' walk-off grand slam (3:45); Eloy Jimenez discusses his trade to the White Sox system (6:00); Myrtle Beach manager Buddy Bailey on Jimenez (8:00); The other components of the Jose Quintana trade (12:00); Alec Hansen on his near no-hitter (16:00); Mike Morrison interview (18:00); Morrison on his remarkable college career at Coastal Carolina (25:00); Morrison on his adjustments to the Minors (33:00); A great social media/storytime segment with Mike (38:00).

Episode 11 (Alec Hansen) - July 6, 2017
More on Dane Dunning's development (0:00); Seby Zavala on his relationship with Tony Gwynn (5:30); Start of Alec Hansen interview (7:00); How relieved he is to be done with the Draft process (11:30); Alec describes his "pitching face" (19:15); Alec's growth spurt (22:00); How important family is to Alec (28:00); A tribute to David Vincent (33:00).

Episode 10 (Jameson Fisher) - June 26, 2017
Chris Getz on Kannapolis' playoff run and the early phases of the rebuilding phase (2:30); Zack Collins on his plate discipline (5:45); Jameson Fisher's moustache story (7:30); Jameson on Kannapolis manager Justin Jirschele (16:15); Jameson's unique perspective on experiencing Hurricane Katrina (18:00); Social media segment with Jameson (25:00); Breaking down the rest of the new Dash players (35:00).

Episode 9 (Dane Dunning) - June 10, 2017
Brad Goldberg's unique path to the Major Leagues (0:00); sound from Carlos Rodon's rehab appearance (4:00); Danny Mendick's cool offseason project (7:15); Dane Dunning interview (9:00); A crazy story on how Dane learned he was traded to the White Sox (11:30); Dane's draft day story (16:00); When Dane and Zack Collins met (20:00); Guessing teammates' tweets (30:00); Breaking down a frustrating first half...but with helium! (44:00).

Episode 8 (Trey Michalczewski) - June 1, 2017
A story on Adam Engel's quick return to Winston-Salem last year (0:00); Zach Thompson on reclaiming his bulldog attitude (4:15); Trey Michalczewski interview (7:00); Why he elected to play professionally over college (10:45); Last name discussion (16:00); Going back through Trey's tweets from 2011 (27:00); Spelling bee featuring Wilmington broadcaster Matt Janus (35:00); Things get a little rowdy (48:00).

Episode 7 (Jake Fincher) - May 19, 2017
Willie Harris on the Dash needing to do the little things (3:00); Jake Fincher interview (7:00); Fincher on his journey back from getting hit by a pitch in the face (9:30); Fincher on his career at NC State (16:00); Fincher shares some good stories about Brett Austin and Carlos Rodon (20:30); Joe is a liar (38:00); Would you use a cup to try to catch a foul ball? (39:00)

Episode 6 (Tanner Banks) - May 9, 2017
Most important sound of the week (3:00); Tanner Banks interview (9:30); Banks' crazy draft-day story (13:30); unicycle talk/play-by-play with Banks (36:00); Dash or Hyphen returns! (44:00); Would you eat a grasshopper at a baseball game (1:04:00)

Episode 5 (Brady Conlan) - April 28, 2017
Most important sound of the week (2:30); Brady Conlan interview (10:00); Conlan on his experience at the World Baseball Classic (16:30); Amazing Tommy Thompson stories (21:00); Drafting Dash players as NFL prospects (34:30)

Episode 4 (Zach Thompson) - April 20, 2017
Most important sound of the week (2:30); Zach Thompson interview (8:00); Thompson vs. Alex Call: A Roommate Comparison (18:33/20:56); Thompson's affinity for pancakes (26:00)

Episode 3 (Alex Call) - April 15, 2017
Most important sound of the week (2:30); Alex Call interview (8:00); Call physics quiz (18:50); Early-season observations from the guys (29:30)

Episode 2 (Zack Collins) - April 6, 2017
Most important sound of the week (3:00); Zack Collins interview (10:45); Breakdown of all 25 members of the Opening Day roster (22:00)

Episode 1 (Matt Cooper) - March 20, 2017
Introduction to the podcast (0:00); Matt Cooper interview (8:50); Dash or Hyphen (22:50)